10 Clothing Items That Will Never Go out of Style

Putting together a wardrobe with looks for different occasions that flatter you without breaking the bank can present a big challenge. It’s easy to become overwhelmed by the vast number of choices when shopping for new wardrobe pieces. The answer? Wardrobe staples. You can wear wardrobe staples to different outings by dressing them up or down with accessories and layering.

These basics look great on everyone, feel good to wear, and have been in style forever with no signs of changing. Here are 10 clothing items that can form the base of your wardrobe and never go out of style.

Trench Coat

According to Vogue, the trench coat is a key component of a minimalist wardrobe, and this flattering look has been in style for many decades. The jacket has been reinterpreted throughout the years with updated fabrics and details, but the clean, simple style remains the core component.

You can find trenches in traditional neutrals, cropped versions, and even leather. If investing in your first quality trench coat, opt for a classic, double-breasted, belted and collared version. When you put on your trench coat, remember that the belt is meant to be tied, not buckled, for the classic look.

Pencil Skirt

A pencil skirt hugs the hips and narrows toward the hem. The skirt usually hits just above or below the knee, and it has been a wardrobe staple since the 1940s, compliments of Christian Dior. Many Hollywood A-listers have worn pencil skirts through the years.

Variations of the skirt’s details, such as a slit in the front or back and dressed-up or down fabrics, keep the design looking eternally fresh. The skirt’s fit makes any woman walk confidently, whether wearing a leather pencil skirt with a romantic lace top or a pin-stripe version with an all-business blouse.

Denim Jeans

Some people call denim jeans the comfort food of a wardrobe. A great-fitting pair of denim jeans can instantly make you feel beautiful and confident. Jeans also make an excellent neutral base for other wardrobe pieces that have lots of flair and extravagance. Denim jeans from designers like zac and rachel clothing even come in comfortable pull-on styles with soft fabric with a touch of spandex, so your jeans feel cozy and comfortable while still looking great no matter the occasion.

Seasonal trends include different leg widths, rough hems, and cropped versions. Choose high-or mid-waisted looks to flatter your figure. Pair dark wash denim with a sequined evening top or a stylish blazer and strappy sandals for going out.

The LBD (Little Black Dress)

The LBD works for every woman’s figure when you need something sophisticated to wear to the office that’s also ready for evening cocktails. It lends a classic air while slimming and elongating the body.

You can choose a capped-sleeve version to enhance your arms or go sleeveless and wear a cardigan or blazer over it. This versatile piece can be found in structured versions of wool or linen and casual knit fabrics with a flowing style.

Bootcut Pants

Bootcut jeans have come in and out of fashion for decades, and there’s a reason they keep coming back. It’s because they look great on everyone. Bootcut pants also come in other fabrics, and with a slightly flared leg (instead of a wide flare), you might not notice that the pants are boot-cut; you just know they look great on you.

Look for black pants with a slight boot cut to form the base of office looks, eveningwear, and everything in between. Boot-cut pants in dressier fabrics look great with sparkly, strappy sandals and a tank for going out.

Cardigan Sweater

The cardigan is a reliable piece that keeps you warm as a layer in winter and keeps the evening chill away when worn over a summer sundress. Each season brings new cardigan variations, sometimes cropped or fitted, other times boxy or oversized.

Women have been stealing cardigans from their boyfriend’s closets for years because this staple can be worn over anything, no matter the season, and offers the comfort of being wrapped in a warm blanket while still looking stylish.

Tee Shirt Dress

Tee shirt dresses belong in every woman’s wardrobe. You can dress up this casual, comfortable piece by simply adding a belt. The dress comes with various sleeve and neckline variations, so choose the ones you know work for you. Neutral colors work best so you can wear any jacket or cardi over the dress or throw on a patterned blazer.

You can go weekend-casual with a cute pair of flip-flops and a sweater tied around the waist of a tee shirt dress. Shorter versions even make great swimsuit cover-ups. One caveat: If you choose to wear this dress into the office, look for thicker knitted fabrics and darker neutrals unless you plan to wear a slip underneath.

Denim Jacket

The latest trendy fashions make clothes shopping fun, but classic items such as the denim jacket last for years, are always in style and work for every season. Denim is considered neutral, meaning it goes with pretty much everything else in your closet.

Pair a denim jacket with a black tee and a leopard-print skirt. Throw it over a tee shirt dress and pop on a pair of white sneakers. Pair it with a cute top, black fitted jeans and pointed-toe black pumps, and you’re ready to go out for dinner. Denim jackets come in many different fabrics and washes, and this workhorse is worth investing in because you will want to wear it for years.


Some say a good blazer is the most important piece in your wardrobe. Imagine your confidence while wearing a well-fitted blazer with your perfect pair of jeans and cute pumps. Blazers are supremely versatile, timeless pieces; you can wear them as office attire or with jeans. You can go stylish yet casual and pair a blazer with shorts.

You don’t have to break the bank to purchase a blazer, but it’s worth investing a little bit of money into one you love because you can wear it for many years.

White Tee Shirts

This basic is an all-American wardrobe staple. Wear it with denim jeans and white sneakers on the weekends, under cardigans, and even to the office under a sharp blazer. The white tee shirt goes with literally everything and makes an excellent base for layering.


Once you figure out which wardrobe essentials work best for you, it’s worth investing in pieces that look great regardless of trend. It’s all about the essential pieces, and these wardrobe staples bring outfits together. As long as the piece offers style versatility, everlasting appeal, and longevity, you won’t ever have to worry about what to wear again.

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