10 types of Videos Fashion Brands Should Make

Videos Fashion Brands

Following the Corona Virus Outbreak, the fashion and beauty industries, like most of the other industries, were obligated to transition, from trying to promote a closet’s value of clothing to letting customers try on lipgloss in virtual reality. 

Beauty and fashion face many difficulties as many customers encountered high unemployment and thus had less cash to spend on non-essentials. Not to forget that people weren’t heading out as much, let alone going shopping, so there were fewer chances to doll up or put on beauty products. Most marketing and advertising directors were bound to close stores, suspend launch events, and come to terms with global production delays.

So how exactly did the market respond to online advertising? Obviously, to compensate for the loss of interaction, fashion and beauty brands increased their investment in their established social media platforms for sales and marketing. This is slowly becoming a rising trend now. 

Advertising agencies in the fashion and beauty industries are constantly on the lookout for fresh content that will increase engagement and sales on their company websites and social media handles. Visual content is among the most efficient and promising abilities to transfer your perceived value while delighting your customers.

1. Product Spotlight Videos 

Product spotlight videos highlight specific features of your clothing or makeup line in great detail. These videos could be used to illustrate your brand’s most sold or favorite product or to promote a not-so-popular product. Product spotlights could perhaps increase awareness and are very customizable. 

The most prevalent mascara advertisements get down to specifics by listing the added benefits of their item. For instance, Fabletics’ promotional videos for their garments are on the opposite extreme. These videos usually walk you through every item of clothing in the catalog, showcasing useful features such as zippered pockets, cool patterns, and sturdiness.

2. User-Generated Content 

UGC is nothing but customer-created content that expresses their genuine experience with your company. These video formats are incredibly popular and for a valid reason. A study by Power Reviews suggests that about 99 percent of active beauty customers always or prefer reading reviews and ratings just before buying beauty products online. Furthermore, user-generated photography and video are extremely vital, with 38% of people saying it’s more essential than before the global epidemic. 

Since fashion and beauty promotion is so crowded, this type of content is highly pivotal for customers to judge your company’s integrity and efficiency.

3. Explainer Videos 

If your beauty or fashion company provides a service or product that isn’t readily apparent, incorporating an explainer video on your website’s homepage or landing page could be exactly what you should be doing. These videos traditionally include animated film and a voice recording that describes what your company has to offer the viewers. It’s important to start your explainer videos with an intro.  

4. Corporate Culture Videos 

Company culture videos serve two distinct functions. For starters, they illustrate your firm’s philosophy to prospective consumers. The goal here is to advertise your business as a whole, not to sell a particular product or service.

5. Tutorial Videos 

How-to videos instruct viewers about how exactly to use your beauty products. This video type is an excellent way to offer customers a peek into your product while emphasizing the distinguishing traits that differentiate it from the competing companies. They can include advice about how to style or sustain the product, as well as how to attain desired make-up appearance or even how to use an assortment of products all at once. How-tos are also useful for products that you’ve never previously launched. 

How-to videos frequently include a concise before and after of your products to assist the customer in navigating the journey of making use of your product. You want potential consumers to recognize that your beauty and fashion products will achieve their goals. It’s one of the principal factors why How-To videos are now so effective at driving conversions. 

6. Video announcement 

People frequently admire the creator behind the style as much as the very fashion itself. This is one of the main reasons why developing your brand personality is beneficial. You can use free intro maker online to make interesting video announcements. Customers not only benefit from such unique and inspiring videos, but they also get to see very personal behind-the-scenes action!

7. Brand Videos with a Purpose 

Does your company promote products that are sustainably sourced, vegan, and also not tested on animals? Perhaps you donate a portion of your profits to organizations that help minorities. If you want to make a positive difference in society, don’t be afraid to highlight that in your brand video. Be outspoken, not just because it is an honorable choice, but also because it’s great for your business. 

8. Social Media Videos

The French luxury label is associated with perfection. And, almost always, businesses of this caliber feel obligated to take themselves very seriously. 

Hermès’ social media highlights the fact that it’s alright to be goofy and have fun from time to time. This is a great video type for your social media platforms as it is wholesome, light-hearted, and lures the attention of spectators towards the brand.

9. Employee Portrait Videos

Rather than a single shot and a brief snippet about your business’s representatives on your webpage, short video portrayals can help your customers interact with your brand on a very deeper level. 

These videos convey the life and soul of your organization by demonstrating that your brand and its people aren’t only to make some money. They care deeply about their label, their business, as well as the audience they serve. This is especially useful for small business owners firmly grounded in societies that want to interact more intensely with their network or expand beyond it.

10. Teaser Videos

A preview or teaser is a brief video that promotes a company’s newly launched products. It builds anticipation without giving too much away. It’s concise and retains the brand’s information in mind. 

Moreover, It’s bright and feminine and gives the audience a sense of the company’s charm.

Bottom Line

Video making and video editing are two crucial elements that your fashion or beauty brand can benefit maximally from in terms of promoting your products to your audience. These are some of the top video types that you can make use of when creating content for your customers. Make sure to use a good video editor to enhance the quality of your video and bring it to life.

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