8 Habits and Secrets of an Effortlessly Stylish Man

Have you ever noticed how a rare few gentlemen seem to have a seemingly effortless way with style? It feels like whatever they throw on, they look impeccable, comfortable, and confident in their skin. Whether it’s a simple t-shirt and jeans combo or something sleeker, certain habits and secrets can be behind their overall look.

If you’re into fashion or want to up your style game, here are just some habits and secrets of an effortlessly stylish man that you can put into practice yourself!

Values Style Over Fashion

The most stylish of men forego the latest fashions and trends in favour of timeless style. When they do this, they look the part and are up-to-date without appearing overly trendy. You don’t have to be a fashionista to know that trends change all the time. One day something is in, and within weeks it’s gone and never to be seen again. The most stylish men understand this fully and decide on filling their wardrobe with classic pieces that will stand the test of time. Whether it’s a good-fitting pair of jeans, blazer, or shirt, these are staples that can be used year after year.

Realises That Less Is Often More

When it comes to men’s style, simplicity is usually king. This is a rule that’s linked to practically every item of clothing. The most stylish men know they don’t have to go above and beyond to get noticed. Instead, they opt for simple pieces that do all the talking. Regarding suits, while there may be fancy tartan three-pieces that are sure to bring attention, it may not be for the right reasons. Regardless of your size or fit, the chances are you will infinitely look smarter in a well-tailored suit, rather than a statement-making piece that serves little purpose.

Understands the Importance of Smart Footwear

You may not realise it, but footwear is one of the first things people notice about you. This means it’s crucial for every style-savvy man to invest in the right shoes. Ones that are in a shoddy condition or look cheap will ruin the entire outfit, no matter how much money you put into it! It’s always worth spending extra to make sure quality is put first. Whether it’s a new pair of trainers or boots, shelling out a little more will always pay off in the long run. If you’re buying leather shoes, make sure to wipe them down with a damp cloth after you’ve used them to get rid of the day’s dust and dirt. Polishing your shoes is a must too for keeping them in tip-top condition.

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Takes Pride in Their Grooming

While a lot of focus is put on the garment, shoes, and accessories, if a man looks unkempt, they could be wearing the most expensive attire in the world but still look cheap and rusty. Stylish men understand the importance of maintaining their grooming regime. A huge part of this falls down to the hairstyle. The right hairstyle can really make or break a look. You can look into men’s hairstyles at Men’s Flair. They cover the A-Z of men’s hairstyles, as well as outfits and accessories that can elevate your style.

Uses a Tailor

Knowing the right tailor doesn’t need to be in the ‘bespoke tailoring’ sense. They can easily be a local seamstress in the area of an alterations service that will raise or lower the hem of your trousers. The point we’re getting at is every well-dressed man appreciates the importance of a great fit and has someone they can go to for achieving just that. If you’ve got an important job interview coming up, you’ll want to make sure your suit is well-fitted. The most stylish of men make an appointment with their tailor to ensure their suit complements their body frame perfectly.

Buys Smartly

Fashionable men know how to buy smartly. This means investing in key fashion garments that exude what is on trend for a particular season. No stylish man will have his wardrobe stuffed with pieces that are likely to become passe quickly. The most dapper of gents will take a more studied approach and seek out classics that will stand the rest of time. When it comes to smart shopping, you normally get what you pay for. Sure, you can fill your wardrobe up with cheap items, but they’re not going to last for as long as you’d hoped for.

Knows How to Care for Their Clothing

Stylish men know more than anyone the importance of taking care of their clothing. You will be surprised how many people invest good money into clothing and simply throw it in their wardrobe and allow it to collect dust. If you’re splurging on designer pieces, you’ll want these items to last for many, many years. For this to happen, it’s important to know the right methods and protocol regarding caring for clothing. Whether it’s giving your shoes a dust, getting items dry cleaned, or putting items on a cold wash, men who know their style always pay attention to the label and act accordingly.

Is a Rule Breaker

One of the beautiful things about fashion and style is there are rules that are just made to be broken! The stylish men know they can push the boundaries and have the confidence to look beyond the norm. If we all stuck to one particular fashion look, it’s safe to say the world would be a pretty boring place! Stylish men have confidence from within which gives them the push to experiment with different looks while still looking classy and dapper. By following some of the habits of the most stylish men, you too can look and feel the part in whatever you put on. Developing your personal style won’t happen overnight. You’ll need time to really discover what you like, what looks good for your body shape, and most importantly, what you feel comfortable in. As you up your style game, you’ll be amazed how much of a confidence boost you’ll get too.

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