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The Top 8 Bags Every Woman Must Own

People consider bags as an important accessory but for us women, it is much more than that. Bags play a significant role in our daily life keeping our secret precious or not so precious things in them. We cannot imagine stepping out of the house without them.

Bags not only carry things but they sum up the whole look. Some women are so crazily in love with bags that they invest an excessive amount of money on them. Can you imagine buying a bag worth more than a car? Yes! true since obsessions have no boundaries.

On the other hand, some women have a comfort level with a specific kind of bag. They have filled closets with similar designs of bags.

If you are a bag lover, desiring to extend your collection then you are at the right place. Bags are available in different sizes, colours, patterns, and at different prices. Here, you will get to know about the top 12 bags every woman should have.

Crossbody bag

Simple yet classy cross-body bags are the perfect choice for every day. You can easily move around and travel without any chaos. A crossbody bag has a broad strap. These bags are available in different colours and sizes.

Make sure you buy a bag according to your need because a tiny crossbody bag won’t fit your stuff while a large bag will make you overwhelmed. If you live in the UK or nearby and haven’t checked the johnny loves rosie discount code then you are seriously missing a lot of high-quality fashionable bags at reasonable prices.

Hobo bag

Hobo bags give a classy slouchy style to a casual look. These bags give classy, elegant, and tomboyish vibes at the same time. They are easy to carry, made up of soft materials, and have a crescent shape. They are wide from the bottom and tapered towards the top.

These bags have two straps, one for the shoulder and the other for the hand. You can carry these bags regularly as they have a lot of space in them.

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It is the best choice for a workhorse handbag. These bags can carry a lot of stuff like a wallet, keys, mobile phone, small make a pouch, small laptop, tablet, or other devices.

Try to buy these bags in a warm tone like black or dark brown. While using the same bag every day you can get stains of food or beverages on it. The neutral warm-colored leather hides all the stains.

You can also carry these bags for a long weekend outing in a mall, beach, or concert. These bags have two straps, you can wear them on your shoulder or use them as a backpack.

Backpack purse

If you think that backpacks are only for school students, you are wrong. Backpacks are the latest trend which you can carry everywhere. On a short trip to a long day visit to the mall, these bags hold all your stuff quite well including a laptop, wallet, snacks, or extra clothes.

Shoulder bag

It won’t be wrong to say that shoulder bags are the pioneer of bags. These are the most versatile bags, can carry all your make-up, device, skincare products, wallet, notebook, laptops, and many more. However, if you want to save yourself from sore shoulders then do not carry heavy things in it. They are available in different sizes, colours, and designs. No matter what occasion these bags are all-rounder.

The day clutch

Every time you don’t need to carry many things, In such scenarios a cute lightweight day clutch is the perfect option for you. For lunch, movie time, or visiting someone you don’t need much stuff except for a cell phone, lipstick, or some money. A day clutch should have multiple pockets to keep more things.

Tote bag

These bags are made up of stronger materials like leather and canvas. They are known as essential shopping bags. You can carry a lot of stuff in them. They have different prints and designs on them.

Fancy clutch

Attending an official dinner, wedding, gala, prom, or any other formal event, you don’t want to carry a huge bag. For such events, only a small sparkling clutch can get you under the spotlight.

Small clutches are easy to carry basic essentials. You can grasp them in hand or wear its chain strap on the shoulder.


If you’re wearing the same handbag for years then it is time to get a new one. Like old clothes bags also worn out over time. As purses are among the most essential things you own, think about buying some new styles of bags.

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