Blazers: Instant Outfit Upgrade Tips

Women’s fashion has evolved so much throughout the years. Lately, we’ve been seeing women wearing boyfriend-style and oversized blazers. It’s no secret that menswear has been incorporated into women’s everyday wardrobes in recent years, giving women’s fashion a more masculine feel.

As the saying goes, bigger is better and we find this accurate as we see how an outfit gets elevated once you’ve added a boyfriend blazer. One blazer we admire is D’i-Shee’s Italian Blazer. It has a masculine, loose fit with stylish buttons presented in Italian Santorelli Fabric. We especially adore the huge, slouchy, style as it is a very easy fix for both formal and casual-themed days.  

You may be asking us, why this big, slouchy, oversized blazer? To that, we answer: Why not? This is the perfect year to be daring with your style. For the past years, we saw a shift in the preference for loose, oversized clothing, mainly because they provide comfort and ease of movement. This style suits the post-pandemic lifestyle of wanting to move, but still wearing comfortable clothing – something we really enjoyed during our pandemic lockdown days.

So yes, oversized suits are in, and they are not going anywhere soon. So get your notebook and prepare to take notes, because we will share with you how a single blazer can be your fashion holy grail.

Boyfriend blazers appear bigger, longer, wider, and broader these days. There is no question that when you wear this garment, you instantly make a real statement, but wearing it properly is essential. Are you courageous enough to rock this look? You will probably need to be accustomed to people staring because of how amazing you’ll look. This suit blends well with wonderful, short skirts for that corporate chic look. We also advise that you don’t overlook the little things, by which we mean pay attention to your accessories, makeup, and hair.

The thing with an oversized blazer is that it makes it easy to transition from formal office wear to casual streetwear. And it’s not just the black one, you can play and have fun with all the amazing color options available. Have you seen the green and pink blazers from D’i-Shee? *Sighs*

One tip that we can give if you want to rock oversized blazers is to keep at least one piece of your outfit fitted. You can try a shirt, shorts, a pair of pants, or skinny jeans. You can even try your workout leggings, ticking off both style and athletic on your fashion checklist. The silhouette of the fitted piece gives a slightly feminine appearance, that will provide your outfit with some additional balance. Play with your lengths next, by choosing a blazer that is longer than usual and has the appearance of a dress. You may also play with a different blazer color like the classy taupe option of the same Italian blazer by D’i-shee.

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Admit it, oversized blazers are the coverup every woman needs. Whatever color you choose, it will definitely add more fun and excitement to your days.

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