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Ways to Flaunt Your Figure After 40


They say, ‘age is just a number’ and we couldn’t agree more. You can’t just back off from following fashion trends just because you’re 40 now. Fashion is for everyone regardless of age, size, and body type. However, it’s your call when it comes to dressing and styling.

If you like playing the dress up game, then don’t shy away if you have turned 40. Rather boost up your game by flaunting your figure just like a teenager. Here are five ways to flaunt your figure after 40.

1.    Look at Your Body Type

Decisions about what to wear become difficult once you start to age. But this isn’t how things should work. Therefore, to make things simpler for yourself, examine your body type. Knowing your size and figure is imperative for dressing well and would let you flaunt your figure without making a fool out of yourself.

The reason why it’s important to know your body type is because it’s not the time where you can perform trail and error. You need to dress sensibly and in style. Once you know your body type, all your fashion disasters would turn into style statements.

2.  Style Your Way

There’s no need to run after the fashion trends because, after 40, you need to do your own thing. If you like wearing off-shoulder tops, then don’t fear if they’re not trending. You can try them out and flaunt your collar bones like no one else.

These days if you notice people are drooling over boot pants. You can flaunt your figure in these just the way you want, but on the condition that you find them comfortable. Refrain from trying out clothes that are too tight because they might result in physical stress and pain to your body.

3.  Grab Some Maxi Dresses

Maxi dresses are the most convenient for everyone out there. All those of you, who want to flaunt your figure, should opt for a fitted maxi dress, preferably in stripes. They would look elegant yet timeless. However, if not dresses then search up for best dress tops because they look so chic.

If you think you won’t be able to pull it off, then look for lose-styled maxi dresses because they are equally exotic. Moreover, celebrities have made so many style statements over the years with these maxi dresses that go beyond fashion trends.

4. Shed Some Sweat

Some amount of exercise is never bad for health. Regardless of age, everyone needs to work out a little to maintain a healthy, stress-free, and in-shape life. Once you touch the 40s, you come across the fat belly, thick thighs, and whatnot.

Working out a little won’t just help you stay in shape, but you can follow all trends blindly. You may find it tough to exercise, but 15-20 minutes every day quite easy and attainable. After all, you have to try your best to look ageless.

5.  Bring Spirit with Skirts

Flaunt Your Figure After 40

How you pair up your skirt also matters a lot. Don’t wear a fitted skinny blouse with a pencil skirt. It’s because everything looks good with age. Rather opt for a baggie styled blouse with a pencil skirt or a fitted blouse with a flared skirt. Both ways, you’ll be able to flaunt your figure and mesmerize the audience.


Your age can’t stop you from being who you are. By the time you turn 40, you must have developed your own fashion statement, set your own standards and trends rather than just running after what’s new in the market. If you’re confused, then look at these ways to flaunt your figure after 40.