Cowboy Looking For An Owner: 9 Jeans You Have To Know

The jeans. They must have par excellence. It is the top garment that cannot be missing from any of our closets. Those pants began as work overalls, and thanks to celebrities, they made them essential in our lives.

Thanks to the evolution of fashion, we have as many styles as we can imagine, which means that when we find the right one, we have a true love that will be with us forever. And it is those jeans that feel good, they save your life in any situation!

Do you already have your favourite denim? Today Sainly present you 9 jeans that fit every need perfectly.


This style is usually high-waisted, slightly looser in the waist, fairly high in the waist, and tapers at the ankle. The most common is that they are cinched at the waist with a belt or a cord. It is said that they are the “mom jeans” of this generation, what do you think?

What types of bodies are they perfect for?

More than valid for inverted triangle-shaped silhouettes, since they perfectly compensate for the lower part of the body. Combine it with a fitted top with a straight cut. Also, a very good option for those who want to hide their legs, since they are baggy, they go unnoticed!


These jeans are straight, finished at the ankle, and frayed in such a way that they look like they were cut with scissors. All the sense, right?

What kind of silhouettes does it suit?

They are the perfect pants for tall people or whose legs are very long. Refrain short! And it is that its cut at ankle height shortens the leg and does not help too much to stylize the silhouette.

Boyfriend jeans

A pair of jeans in a relaxed, comfortable way and with that effect “I’m wearing a couple of sizes more” or “I’ve taken my boy’s jeans off, but I’m really cute”.

What silhouettes do they favour?

We could say that they are wild card pants, and whatever your figure, they can fit you perfectly.

Culotte jeans

Culottes are the pants with a “middy” cut, wide Palazzo type and with a shot at the waist.

What body types do they suit?

If you have a pear-shaped body, that is, your hips are wider than the contour of your waist or shoulders, this is your pants! Opt for this type of jeans as they will create a continuous line from hip to ankle, and visually you will appear taller!

Flare jeans

Hated and loved in equal measure, flare jeans are the famous pants for generations, the bell bottoms! Narrow through the hips and thighs, gradually widening from the knees towards the feet.

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What silhouettes do they favour?

Especially for people who want to stylise their legs, shorter people, and those with an inverted triangle body.

They provide length, and if you are looking for a further twist in terms of stylizing your figure, we recommend adding some heeled ankle boots to your look.

Mom jeans

In recent times, most women wore high-waisted denim, marking the rear, and with a very characteristic straight cut of the cowboy. These jeans were not going to be less and they have recovered from that wonderful time with the name mom jeans.

What kind of silhouettes does it suit?

It is the ideal pants for people who have a disproportionate lower part of the body with the upper part. Being high-waisted jeans, they have a “long leg” effect that also makes them fit perfectly with petite silhouettes.

Skinny jeans

It’s like a second skin, it’s skinny pants. Adjusted from top to bottom,  well framing the entire silhouette.

What silhouettes does it look good on?

There is no silhouette that does not look good, you just have to know how to choose the type of skinny that suits you, that is the key!

If you are short, this type of denim is always a hit, as long as it fits around your waist, which is what will give your legs length. Opt for dark colours such as navy blue, grey or black and combine it with upper parts in light tones that bring light to your face.

You can also give the trendy minimal-classic point to your skinny jeans and wear them with a ruffled denim shirt and a tartan trench coat. Being a monochrome look, it will add verticality to your silhouette and help you show off an incredible figure.

Slouchy jeans

As its name indicates, “slouchy” refers to gangly or “bloomers”. They are inspired by the 90s when Vogue coined the term slouch suit to refer to the baggy suits that marked that era. We would be talking about a hybrid between the boyfriend, the paper bag and the mom jeans. A more than a perfect mix!

What silhouettes does it look good on?

It has a loose pattern, fitted at the waist and with an ankle cut, so it suits all of us! Although we must recognize that in straight or inverted triangle bodies it looks much better; and that it gives triangle and oval bodies more volume, it is not a pair of pants to be ruled out because of your type of silhouette, shall we give it a chance?

Straight jeans

As simple and effective as their design. They are so-called because they are straight from the waist to the ankle. Levis popularized them with his 501, and they continue to be a necessary wardrobe item for many of us, right?

For what type of silhouette are the most appropriate?

Especially for people who want to hide their thighs, since by creating a straight line from the trouser leg to the ankle, they make them go unnoticed. You already have your nine options, how many do you have left?

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