12 Dried Flower Crafts That Make Amazing Décor or Gifts

Crafts That Make Amazing Decor or Gifts

Meaningfully engaging in the decorating process is one way to keep you mentally healthy as you get distracted and focused by getting to engage in the process. Summertime offers another sunny opportunity to do fun things under the bright weather and all the greenery visible.

Without a doubt, the summer dry flowers attract our attention most, making us feel inspired and create more than anything else. Using faux flowers for crafting is also common, but the plastics and silk kill the magic. Nothing compares to the experience of the actual flower.

The dried flowers collection is pretty and whimsical, providing precisely what you need to craft. While crafting with fresh flowers is possible, the final product has a limited shelf life.

If the idea of pressing and drying your flowers sounds like something you can do, these designs, concepts, and tutorials will get you rolling in the right direction.

Pressed Flower Initials in a Frame

Pressed flowers are stunning; if you have handled them, you can attest to them. When working on these materials, your input is minimal, but the outcome is incredible. The delicate blossoms are easy to work with and require minimal manipulation.

Arrange bouquets of pressed flowers on a backing card and place them in frames. You can personalize it by making your initials arrangement or anything else you wish to see.

Dried Flower Monogram Art

The monogram idea of flower arrangement is for the personalities that love everything grand. This fantastic stand-alone is terrific. In monogram art, the flowers draw considerable attention, with lots of visual texture.

Dried Flowers Crown

Make a statement if you choose to wear the dried flowers and carefully arrange them into a great hair piece. Otherwise, engage a fashion icon to help with the crown. You can also check the many YouTube videos and tutorials on making a headpiece for that special occasion. You will also find exciting suggestions and tutorials, like the process of making leaves and a ring of roses.

Dried flower crowns are incredible for special occasions like weddings, baby and bridal showers, or other cultural events that require dressing graciously.

Dried Flower Canvas Wall Art

Consider this simple project if you have been looking for something to do with kids during the long holidays or over the weekends. Use this as a tool to help them to press, dry, and work with flowers. All you need are the dried flowers, then get the canvas frame you desire. Glue the pressed flower on the canvas and add a handwritten quote that suits the outcome. To make it more fun, use flowers from your yard and have a provision for many trials before getting the final one. 

Dried Flower Confetti

Confetti in a bridal shower or photo shoot arrangement enhances the atmosphere and aesthetic. However, some confetti is wasteful and not environmentally friendly; hence does not work in outdoor settings. This delicate arrangement is an excellent idea if you are after a natural and whimsical theme.

Dried Flower Door Wreath

This simple wreath requires a considerable collection of dried flowers to make a decently-sized door wreath. Consider twisting malleable branches together as the base. You will have a beautiful door wreath with a vintage look, regardless of the kind of flowers you choose to use.

Dry Flower Terrariums

Terrariums are simple to make and still give you beautiful results that are interesting to look at; hence not a wonder they are gaining popularity fast. This flower comes in all sizes and styles, and the dried kind requires less care. It is lovely how it merges in one place.

Dried Flower Wall

You may consider a statement piece home on a particular wall rather than a small mobile design. A hanging dried flower idea is excellent and a safe bet to have indoors. Set a wall that you will decorate and arrange flowers in a stunning color spectrum order, creating an ombre effect across an entire border.

Dried Flower Scented Sachets

Think of the packets and bowls of potpourri in the old days. The dried flower-scented sachets borrow the same concept, but you can hang them to keep them out of reach of kids and pets. You will love the idea of this creation when you combine different colors.

Dried Flower Bouquet

You can dry a whole bouquet through a careful drying and hanging process. If you are thinking of drying your favorite flowers, consider preserving them as close to their natural state as possible.

A dried bouquet is just that! Dried bouquets are in their natural form and then placed in a vase. You can find many other flower arrangement ideas to try.

Dried Flower Shadow Box

The idea of having your dried flower in its near-natural state is intriguing, but if you are a fur parent, you know better. Pets may end up having too much fun with your project. You may, therefore, want to protect your beauty from the little furry friends by putting on a glass display.

Arrange the dried flowers carefully in a shadow box.

Dried Flower Phone Case

Once you have the carefully dried and pressed flowers, you have endless possibilities of what you can do with the collection. You can achieve anything you can do with decoupage techniques using pressed flowers as well. How about decorating the phone case with the dried pressed flowers? You will have some masterpieces depending on your choice of flowers and colors.


Dried flowers can give you limitless unique décor and gift ideas. You can achieve anything your mind conceives; hence, all you need to do is dream about the many things you can achieve with dry flowers. These pieces are long-lasting and almost immortal. Some people prefer pressing the flowers until they are flattened to create the impression they are after. However, others want to retain the appeal. Whatever your style, the dried flower crafts will give you excellent results with minimal effort. However, it requires great creativity.

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