Engagement Ring Styles To Consider For Royal Look

The world of engagement rings is known for having a vocabulary of its own. Picking out a beautiful engagement ring for the partner is an exciting step in the proposal. Many people find the whole process of engagement ring purchase quite daunting. The attention to the partner’s choice and then finding a perfect engagement ring accordingly seems to be stressful to many.

When buying an engagement ring, we all get a variety of options to choose from. From Three-Stone to Halo, Solitaire to Rose Gold, Pave to Vintage, and Royal, we all go through different options to pick the best engagement ring for the big day. Many people want their engagement ring to have a royal look. For this, they prefer engagement ring styles and diamond shapes/cuts that can help them make their engagement ring look royal.

Buying a royal engagement ring is not easy. The only option you are left with is to choose from the engagement ring styles that give a royal look. Some common engagement ring styles that you can consider for a royal look are mentioned below.

Halo Engagement Ring

The Halo engagement ring is one of the most popular engagement ring styles preferred for its expensive and royal look. Halo engagement rings are also preferred more because of Kate Middleton and Princess Diana’s diamond and sapphire halo engagement rings. It is considered best for the royal look because it features a single or double ring that includes shimmering diamonds that surround the center diamond. The use of shimmering diamonds makes halo engagement rings a unique and attractive choice.

For the best royal look, you can pick a Two-Row Halo French Cut Engagement Setting that includes a paving setting and 65 round natural diamonds. This high-polish engagement ring can also be customized for the center diamond and metal to make the center diamond look more prominent. If you prefer an oval-style diamond, then you can also choose a French cut halo setting. This high-polish engagement ring includes 44 round natural diamonds that give it a royal look.

Round Cut Engagement Ring

Engagement rings with round-cut diamonds are also known for their royal look. This type of engagement ring style has gained popularity due to Queen Elizabeth II’s round-cut engagement ring. Round brilliant cut diamond engagement ring displays 58 facets. This type of engagement ring gives a royal look because the facets maximize the brilliance and fire, called sparkle. The round cut is also known as “brilliant-cut”. 3 Row Pavé Engagement Ring is a perfect alternative to Queen Elizabeth II’s round-cut engagement ring. To save more with a round-cut engagement ring, you can start your search by looking at loose diamonds for sale. This turns out to be beneficial when customizing a round-cut engagement ring as per your style. But as compared to various other types of engagement rings, round-cut diamond engagement rings turn out to be expensive. To add round diamonds to the engagement ring, a lot of the rough diamonds are used and cut away. This further drives up the price per carat of round diamonds.

Emerald-Cut Diamond Ring

Emerald-cut diamond engagement rings gained popularity in the market from Grace Kelly’s Emerald-Cut Diamond Ring. An engagement ring with an emerald cut diamond flaunts a rectangular and elongated shape. This type of engagement ring has chiseled step cuts and straight linear facets that are arranged parallelly down the stone. Due to a large surface table and profound clarity, emerald-cut diamond engagement rings give a royal look. Usually, the emerald cut diamond added to the engagement ring is cropped to add stability as well as prevent fractures.

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French Cut Basket Setting Diamonds 1/2 Way is a perfect alternative to Grace Kelly’s emerald-cut diamond ring. It includes 36 round natural diamonds and has a French cut pavé. This thin band engagement ring not only looks perfect but also showcases the center diamond. Due to this, you can easily add diamonds of any shape and size to it. You can also choose 1/3 CT. TW. Emerald-Cut Diamond Accented Setting. That includes 2 emerald natural diamonds and has a 2.20 mm width. This classic and elegant engagement ring has 0.33cttw of emerald side stones. The side stones of it are approximately 0.17ct each.

Cushion-Cut Diamond Ring

After the year 2018, cushion-cut diamond rings gained high popularity. One of the primary reasons behind people’s interest in cushion-cut diamonds is Meghan Markle’s cushion-cut Diamond Ring. This three-stone diamond ring includes a 3-carat cushion-cut diamond center formatted by two smaller stones. The stones of this ring are set on a yellow-gold band.

Large Pavé Cushion Engagement Setting and Cushion Double Halo Split Shank Diamond Ring are two perfect alternatives to this beautiful, royal engagement ring. The large Pavé cushion engagement setting includes 24 round natural diamonds, while the Cushion Double halo split shank diamond ring includes 62 round natural diamonds.

The french-pavé set, and high polish of the Cushion Double halo split shank diamond ring give it a unique look. On the other side, choosing a Large Pavé cushion engagement ring helps you get a modern take on classic solitaire. The elegant setting of both these rings showcases the center diamond and gives a royal look.

Final Thoughts

Buying a beautiful engagement ring that gives a royal look seems to be tricky, but paying attention to the ring setting and considering the popular royal engagement rings make it easy for you to pick the best engagement ring. When buying an engagement ring, make sure to pick a ring that includes only GIA Certified Diamonds. This will ensure that you have made a suitable investment. Customizing the engagement ring with a unique ring setting and diamond cut or style also helps you pick an engagement ring that gives a royal look. Just make sure to avoid a local jeweler and not to compromise with the ring and diamond quality to save some. This can also prevent you from getting the royal look you desire.

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