Fashion Tips to Style for Summer Season

Style for Summer Season

While some say fashion is comfort, for some it’s really about being Instagram-ready at all times. Fashion is what you feel, defines your personality, your mood, and the tone you want to set for yourself on a particular day or occasion. With the summer greeting us in full swing, it is impossible to hold the thought of wearing anything close to what most of us wear during other seasons. 

Summer calls for an entire fashion revamp, one that is ideal not only by the looks of it but also provides comfort in a weather that starts bright and mellow but leaves you in a pool of sweat by the end of it.

Sundresses and bikinis are just as much a part of everyone’s fashion equation with summer as are shorts, sunglasses, hats and slippers. One can only anticipate the number of fashionable clothes we’ve been adding to our carts. Also, when it comes to summer clothes, a piece just adds itself to the cart every time a fashion influencer posts something that might look like the perfect summer statement piece.

Here are a few handy fashion tips that can help you style yourself for the summer. These tips will help you avoid any fashion faux-pas while making a fashionable style statement. In addition, these tips can help you make smart shopping decisions and scoop up the best summer trends while they’re fresh and trendy!

Fashion Tips for Summer Season

  • Choose flowy, natural fabrics: Skin-tight fabrics are a strict NO-NO when it comes to summer fashion. Find yourself some flowy, natural fabrics such as light cotton, silk, or chiffon and these can be found in the form of dresses, skirts, tops, rompers, and shorts as well. It is not a new fact that summers are extremely hot and sweaty. Hence, summer calls for wearing clothes that are a tad bit lose (or flowy), so you don’t feel uncomfortable with sweat dripping down your body.
  • Summer Sandals for the win: Shoes are the synonyms for discomfort during summers. Not only because they cover our entire feet but also because they come with the pain of wearing socks. It’s pretty much like a sauna for our foot while it is in there. When it is about fashion and summers, sandals are the best choice. Opt for slide sandals for greater ease and comfort or flip-flops for extra comfort and a casual look. The best part about these is their availability in neutral colours, which ensures that you can pair them with any outfit effortlessly.
  • Shorts and skirts to the rescue: It’s time to bring those denim and cotton shorts out of the closet and walk right out wearing them. While it is understandable that not everyone feels comfortable or confident wearing shorts, opting for skirts or palazzos is an equally fashionable choice for summers. Skin-clad jeans can only do so much for you in the summer, so it is better to choose cotton bottoms instead that let you sit in comfort while looking stylish as well.

The thing with going to work or casually going out during summer is to not feel uncomfortable when walking or sitting, especially because one might not always be in an air-conditioned environment. While shorts might not be the perfect outfit for every occasion, wearing trousers in a breathable fabric is another most trendy and advisable option.

Another preferred option is to wear joggers while heading out if shorts is something you wish to avoid. However, note that there is a difference between sweatpants and joggers, and you must choose the one that best suits you.

  • Throw yourself some shade: Accessorising with sunglasses and hats never goes out of style no matter what the trends for the summer are. Aviators are excellent one-size-fits-all sunglasses for when people are unable to find the right frame for their face. 

While sunglasses not only look fancy, they are also important from a visual protection point of view. Likewise, wearing hats and caps during summer is not only good for your hair, but also saves you from a substantial but inevitable tan. If you plan to hit the beach this summer, styling yourself for summer with your sunglasses will be the perfect add-on.

  • Explore prints and patterns: The very first thing that pops into one’s mind when thinking of an amalgam of fashion and summers are the bright poppy candy colours, quirky accessories, and prints. Summer is the one time in the entire year when you will find a large number of people experimenting with their style owing to the irresistible prints, patterns, and colour choices in fashionable clothes and accessories. 

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Try doing the same with your athleisure as well. Working out in those black leggings in summer is just going to make things worse. It’ll burn more of your energy, leaving you frustrated and cribbing about how hot it is rather than burning your calories. 

  • Choose a comfortable hair-do: With the amount of sweat and discomfort one goes through in summers, it is impossible to keep one’s hair down at all times. Most men and women prefer chopping off or trimming their locks during summer than any other season. A messy bun, a high ponytail, or a simple braid are hairstyles that can look stylish with every outfit and will save you from hairstyle heat flashes as well. 

As for the little details, just make sure you keep your makeup look to a bare minimum, make sunscreen your holy grail, and stay as hydrated as you can! Accessorising too much during the summer is also not advisable. But, having said that, it is preferable to opt for only one piece of statement jewellery unless you want the discomfort of accessories sticking to your body after a while. Remember to have fun with prints, pastels, colours, and patterns when working with style and summer. A little bit of experiment with fashion never hurt anyone. If anything, it can only come out looking smashing for your Instagram!

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