5 Hacks to Host a Stylish Summer Garden Party

Are you planning on hosting the ultimate summer garden party this season? Before you begin putting together your guest list and your summery outfit ideas, it’s essential that you know these helpful tips.

If you’ve done your homework, you’ll be able to sit back and enjoy the event. You’ll have plenty of time to chit-chat and mingle with your visitors if you do everything right. Ultimately, a garden party is all about having fun with your friends!

If you’re arranging a garden party, it’s usually a good idea to have a few creative ideas in mind. We’ve got all the advice you need to have a successful party this summer. So, let’s dive in!

Pick a theme

Do you want your event to be a one-of-a-kind experience? Then, think about a theme for your party.

If you wish to be elegant and stylish, a good theme would be “elevated picnic”. In an age when public areas are becoming more congested, elevated picnics bring the park to the garden and add a sophisticated touch to the traditional picnic. Mixologists, wheelbarrows of ice and drinks, cute-looking cupcakes, and a pop-up bar complete the picture.

On the other hand, if your friends are bringing their kids with them, you should think about the smallest guests too! Bring in a live saxophone for some fun and swaying melodies, and keep the kids entertained with a magician and outdoor activities. “Magic” is the theme of the day!

How about having a BBQ but with a tropical twist? Gather friends and family for a tropical Tiki BBQ in the backyard with a table decorated with colorful multicolored prints, hanging lanterns, and colorful cushions. You should take your grill out and have a casual BBQ and light a campfire for the whole great outdoor atmosphere.

Have the drinks ready

Take a trip to the grocery store and stock up on the drinks everyone would like. Since most of the garden parties take place during the day, it would be fun to make some daytime cocktails and have a lot of wine at hand.

Organize a cocktail-making party for your guests if you wish to have some extra fun! If this is not your jazz and you just wish to enjoy some good wine with friends, it’s essential to know your wine. Experts recommend the summery Soave wine for dinner parties since it pairs extremely well with grilled meat. So, if you’re making a BBQ, Soave is your best bet!

Take out your dining table

If you don’t have time and a budget to choose new and bigger outdoor patio furniture, don’t be afraid to utilize your inside table and chairs. You can quickly transform the feel of your backyard by bringing your dining room onto the grass or patio for just one day.

When the sun starts to drop, hang festoons from neighboring trees or fences to create a romantic ambiance. An eclectic and soothing atmosphere may be created with centerpieces of vases filled with fresh and dried flowers and greenery. You can make large charcuterie boards if you wish to keep it classy. To keep everyone warm if a cool summer breeze comes your way, throw blankets and pillows over the chairs.

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Continue the party when the sun sets

Create a stunning ambiance for your guests with creative garden party lighting ideas. When it becomes dark, arrange pillar candles and lanterns down the length of your table and add nightlights. This will make your garden literally look like it’s sparkling!

When it comes to creating a wonderful ambiance, you can always hang string lights.

As the sun begins to set, their cozy light will spread throughout your garden, setting the mood for a stylish evening. The use of colored lights will provide an eye-catching display that is ideal for hosting summertime get-togethers!

Think of the entertainment

When you’re having a party in your garden, you can let your inner kid out. You never know who may join in the fun if you put out some hula hoops!

Whether it’s bocce ball, croquet, or corn hole, lawn games are usually a great success. As an alternative, you can always have some balls around to toss if you have the room and they won’t interfere with the meal. A pre-drawn hopscotch game for adults and children is a great way to keep the youngsters occupied for hours on concrete. Being a host to a wonderful evening can sometimes be stressful but with these helpful tips, we hope to keep your anxiety at bay. When you settle on a theme, everything will slowly start to fall into place and the planning will literally take care of itself. Don’t forget to provide your guests with a lovely atmosphere, nicely chilled drinks, and some entertainment that will keep everyone smiling for days to come!

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