Hottest Men’s Wear You Should Try This 2022

We are introduced to the newest trends that rule the fashion space each year. From the streets to runways, online, and everything in between, there’s fashion that engrossed us. From boldly branded tees to wide-leg jeans and accessories to bags, many fresh and fun styles are ideal for the warmer months.

If you’re planning to inject some new colors into your daily outfit or you want to experiment with gender-neutral silhouettes, there’s something perfect for you. Get inspired with the hottest men’s wear trend this year.

  1. Cream Pinstripe Suits

The pinstripe suits are a classic option for any man who wants to look sophisticated. However, you can take it one step further this season with a cream color palette.

This combination is exciting and fresh, putting a modern spin on standard tailoring. You can match it with a button-down shirt, boat shoes, and complimentary ties. You can also throw a new Geometric Tom Ford FT0237 Snowdon into the mix.

  • Pearl Necklaces

The fashion space has been loving this trend for quite some time, and we can clearly see why. From celebrities on red carpets to online personalities, a classic pearl necklace is the best accessory for men this season.

They are easy to try, upgrading any outfit without too much effort. Such classic jewelry pieces may look delicate, but they are a good way to add a punk element to your ensemble.

  • Silk Scarves

For the days when you wish to elevate your tie game, you can opt for the traditional option of a silk scarf. You can find unlimited patterns and designs, making it a good choice to upgrade an existing outfit, no matter how basic.

Red, blue, black, or green—all of those work well with a blazer, t-shirt, or button-down shirt.

  • Bleach dye or tie dye

Trends often come and go, but tie-dye has stayed with us forever. It is a funky, vibrant design with a unique style that helps you stand out more. From shirts to trousers and coats, there are many ways you can infuse that fashion into your closet.

Don’t be afraid to mix and match clashing and contrasting colors—pink with yellow, green, blue, and red—they all work well together with those granite swirls and shapes.

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  • Cream-cross body bag

A cross-body bag is an excellent option for this season, loaded with as much style as practicality. You could dress it down or up and match it with any other outfit.

You can choose the Cassette shoulder bag from Bottega Veneta or the iconic Dior Saddlebag if you wish to go to the highest end of the design spectrum.

  • Branded shirts

Printed shirts were once some of the highly sought options, made famous with Hawaiian shirts in the ‘30s. Such bold items are an excellent way to boost a normal outfit, like a pair of trousers or jeans. Depending on your aesthetics, you can go for something a bit more graphic or opt for a classic style with palm trees. Keep the rest of your ensemble simple to shine the branded design.

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