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How Long to Leave Toner in Hair?

Many of you must have heard about different brands of hair toner or seen them in several advertisements.

But do you have complete knowledge about how it exactly works?

It’s not a topic that’s frequently talked about, which is why you have so many questions running through your mind. Especially when it comes to applying hair toner, many of us asked the same question:

How long to leave toner in hair for the best results?

In this blog, we will answer all the questions you might have that will help you determine everything about its application, benefits, and other vital points you must know before applying it.

So, without wasting further time, let’s get started.

What is a Hair Toner?

Toner plays an essential role in protecting the overall strand’s health by balancing the unwelcome tones in your hair. For example, sometimes you feel your hair with brassiness. Even your newly darkened hair might appear a little brassy and orange.

That’s what a toner can fix or correct! That’s why it is also called a color corrector.

It also helps your hair achieve an original look by reducing split ends, covering grey hair, restoring shine, and providing smoothness to your hair.

Additionally, you don’t have to worry about your favorite toner color as a variety of shades are present in the market, so you can choose whatever you want for your hair.

By the way, toners aren’t just in a specific product type. They might be glosses, tinted shampoos, conditioners, and demi-permanent colors. So you can choose the kind that is much more convenient for you.

How to Use Hair Toner?

There are different ways to apply these fantastic color fresheners. We will guide you through all of them step by step. So let’s have a look.

Method #1: The most common method is you can apply toner to your hair after doing shampoo and conditioner.

Method #2: Another way is to mix the toner with shampoo or conditioner and apply it. This process helps to reduce any brassy orange or yellow tones in your hair.

Method #3: You can also use toner as a root touch-up.

This means if your hair roots are different in color than your other hair, toner can cover them up. (Although it won’t provide as adequate coverage and volume as hair dye will.)

Brush it through your roots after applying it to your hair.

Note: Be sure to read the instructions carefully on the packaging to prevent your hair from over-toning.

Also, In the case of bleached hair, it’s best to visit an expert so that you may choose the correct amount and the right product to use.

When to Use Toner?

  1. Uninvited Warmth and Brassiness:
    • “Apply toner when your hair develops unwanted warm or orangey undertones, especially common in blondes and brunettes.”
  2. Gray Hair Camouflage:
    • “Opt for a toner when you’re aiming to blend or cover gray hairs, ensuring a seamless integration with your natural or chosen hair color.”
  3. The Dullness Dilemma:
    • “If your locks are lacking their usual shine and vibrancy, a hair toner can rejuvenate them, offering both improved texture and renewed luster.”
  4. Color Fade Fallout:
    • “When your once-vibrant hair color starts to wane, using a toner will help restore its intensity and depth.”
  5. Post-Bleaching Perfection:
    • “After a bleaching session or if you sport a very light blonde shade, toner will neutralize yellowish tones and refine the color to your desired shade.”
  6. Maintaining Cool and Ashy Aesthetics:
    • “If you prefer cooler tones in your hair, using a toner periodically ensures that warm undertones are kept at bay, preserving that ashy or silvery look.”

How Long Should I Leave a Hair Toner on?

Want to know how long to leave toner in hair?  Don’t stress at all. You’re not alone.

Let’s find out!

Usually, the duration of time depends on what brand of product you are using for your hair. However, it also relies on your hair’s health and desired color.

But according to some guides, toner can be left for up to 5 – 45 minutes on your hair. Please don’t overdo it. Or else you may need to visit the salon to fix your hair.

To confirm that you are cleaning your hair toner at the right time, shampoo or wash a small section of your hair to check how much the color has changed.

Comparatively, when toning colored hair, usually 5 – 20 minutes are more than enough to correct the hair tones and make them look shiny and fresh.

Another issue to consider is brassy hair. There are three levels of brassiness – orange, yellow, and red. Selecting the right toner color depends on which of these tones you currently have in your hair.

You can pick the opposite colors of yellow, red, and orange on the color wheel to make the right shade of your hair.

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How Long to Leave Toner in Hair After Bleaching?

Bleaching is a highly harmful process for our hair, due to which toning is necessary as an after-bleaching treatment.

In fact, many experts advised that you may add toner to your hair care routine because it helps to modify your unwanted yellow or brassy hair tones.

Nevertheless, while discussing hair toning after bleach, we were hoping you could keep in mind that this task is better to leave for the professionals. Because bleached hair already becomes weak, toning it at home puts it at serious risk.

Regardless, if you do it at home, it’s best to let the toner sit for approximately 30 to 45 minutes on bleached hair. But remember that this period might change depending on your hair color and the final hair look you want to achieve.

Apart from this, most toners are specially manufactured to be used on color-treated hair. So, while shopping for a toner, make sure to select the specifically designed color-treated toner for your bleached hair.

How Does Toner Work?

If you’ve never experienced a hair toner before, then you might be curious to know how this product works. Also, by understanding its work, you can better decide whether to use it or not.

Generally, toners are used to adjust the overall tone of your rough hair. It doesn’t lift off any color of your hair. In actuality, it is used on colored or bleached hair as a sort of color corrector for hair.

Also, there are several toners for achieving different results. However, if you want warm-toned hair, you should use peachy toners, whereas cool-toned purple toners are best to use.

Additionally, a toner shade selector wheel or chart may help you to select a more suitable shade for your hair.

What are the Types of Hair Toners?

Just like other types of hair care products, toners also contain a wide range of alternative options. You need to know all these types so you can understand in a better way what type of toner will be the best for your hair.

Furthermore, hair toners are divided into three groups that you can easily find in the market. Let’s have an eye at them below:

Permanent Toners

Permanent toners are the best option for those who want long-lasting results. These toners are used to remove the existing hair color altogether.

However, it is advised to see a hair specialist for their application, as permanent toners must be selected carefully.

Demi-Permanent Toners

Demi-permanent is an ammonia-based toner. Usually, this kind of hair toner may last for about 20 to 24 washes. It’s an excellent option for those who have no time to revisit parlors.

Semi-Permanent Toners

When it comes to semi-permanent toners, their outstanding feature is the color they deposit doesn’t penetrate the hair shaft.

Therefore, we advise using this toner to avoid unexpected and unfortunate experiences with your hair.

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So here you get everything you want to know about hair toners, from how Long To Leave Toner In Hair to its working, usage, types, benefits, and damages.

Apart from this, always read the directions carefully and have a strand test before applying it all over your head.


1. Can hair toner be used on bleached hair?

Yes! Hair toners increase the tonality of bleached and dyed hair while also correcting hair color.

2. Can hair toner be used on natural hair?

Everyone can apply hair toner, no matter your hair type. Generally, toners work much better on brunette, red, and even deeper shades to gently alter their color or reduce unwanted brassiness.
Additionally, You can apply it on virgin hair strands to boost shine and enhance your natural hair color.

3. Can I leave the toner on for 5 minutes?

You can keep color-correcting shampoos on for five minutes before hair washing and conditioning. Most will require more time to perform their color-refreshing magic.

4. Can you leave toner on too long

Leaving hair toner too long may cause some adverse effects. You can end up with a violet color or blue hair. Besides, your hair may become highly saturated with pigment and start shedding color.
Above all, you can also suffer extreme damage that a haircut can only fix.

5. Can I sleep with hair toner?

We wouldn’t recommend using a toner overnight. However, if you didn’t get your desired shade at first, you should wait 24 to 48 hours before making another decision. Acting too fast might stress your hair.

6. Can Toner Damage My Hair?

Yes, any chemical that changes your hair structure or color can be damaging. However, it’s better to remember that not every toner affects your internal hair structure.

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