How Much Does A Perm Cost

Perms come in different price points depending on the salon or stylist that you go to. We recommend getting a perm done at a salon as they will have all of the necessary tools such as perm rods and perm lotion that you would need for the perming process.

The average cost of a perm ranges from $50 – $150 depending on specific salon requirements, the type of chemical treatment you want, and required products for your hair type.

An elegant and gorgeous hairstyle adds charm and grace to the personality. Men and women both search for different unique yet suitable hairstyles for themselves. Perm hairstyle is one such hairstyle that goes with all types of hairs and lengths of hair. Since perming requires chemicals professional technique and a few hours of procedure therefore the cost varies accordingly.

If you are wondering how much does a perm cost then this article is a complete guide about the cost of perms.

Perm has been a popular hairstyle for 100 years. Compared to the past the modern poem hairstyle is gentle and kind. Many people desire permanent perm long hair and with the chemical treatment, you can change your hair texture. Most salons offer two types of perm hairstyles. A digital pern and cold perm. The cold perm hairstyle is created by applying rods and rollers to the hair and then application of chemicals to the hair. Digital perm is a similar method however they apply warm-up rods to create perm texture to your hair. The heat of the rod changes the structure of hair follicles.

How does perm work?

The procedure of perming requires hair rollers and rods made up of cloth wraps. They also have a chemical that is applied to the hair to give a permanent curly texture to the hair. The pump can be achieved by a cold perming method in which a chemical is applied to the hair and shape is given with the help of rollers. The digital perming method requires heating up with the help of rods and then the application of chemicals. The digital perming style is more efficient and longer because of the application of heat.

Both the method digital and cold perming are more relaxed than the perming method which was used hundred years back. At that time, they used to wrap the hairs in uniform tiny rods. These days hair rods are available in different sizes and materials so that you can get a more natural desired look. The timing of the whole process of perming depends on the thickness of your hair and length of your hair.

How much are perms for different hair lengths?

According to the length of the hair, the perming hair cost varies. However, if we divide the hair length into 3 categories short, medium, and long then the price is different for each. Following is the general cost of hair perming for short, medium, and long hair.

  • Short hair for $30 to $100
  • The medium hair from $60 to $200
  • Long hair from $80 to $250.

In short hair, the perming method is much easy because fewer chemicals is consumed and require less effort therefore its price is cheaper than medium and long-length hairs. The longer the length of hair it will require more time for rolling the hair with a rod and will require a greater quantity of perming hair chemicals as well. Since the hair perming professional will require more time and product for styling your long hair, hence, the post is higher.

How long does your hair need to be for a perm?

Perming can be done on hairs at least a few inches long. There is no specific length required for it, you can perform the procedure on your short, medium, or long hair. Your hair should not be such small that day does not give room for chemical application and perm Rods.

What are the different perming methods?

If we specifically talk about the different types of perming methods then there are mainly two types. The first one requires chemicals and heating for permanent perming of the hair. The other one is the temporary perming method.

Further permanent perming hair methods are divided into three types.

Hot perm

Hot perm is also known as acidic perm because instead of alkaline they use the acidic chemical known as glyceryl monothioglycolate. The acidic perm solution has a pH between 4.5 to 7. Acidic perm is better known as hot perms because of the required heat to set the curls. An acidic form is more gentle on the hairs. For those people who already have damaged hair acid perm should be their choice. You can get a variety of hair curl sizes by hot perm.

Exothermic perm

An exothermic perm solution can be alkaline or acidic in nature. Compared to the cold and hot perm method it is an exothermic method because in this method the chemical used will produce heat once it is mixed in the solution. When you will apply the chemical on the hairs and roll them on rods it will generate heat.

Cold perm

A cold perm is also known as an alkaline or ceramic form. In this type of perming method, a solution with a pH of 8.2 to 9.6 is used. In cold perming, no heat is required. The chemical solution that is used for perming is Ammonium thioglycolate. It is a very powerful chemical and it provides greater volume to the curls. It is long-lasting as compared to hot perms.

Digital perm

It is the most advanced method of perming hair. It is a modified method of hot perm in which once the acidic solution is applied to the hair they are wrapped in digitally temperature-controlled rods. The average price of the digital perm is much more expensive than the rest because digital perm rods are costly.

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How much are different perm styles?

The average price of perm also varies according to the type of curls you want to get. In the past, there were not many options but these days you have a variety of options for curls available from which you can select according to your liking. There are different curl sizes even you can get a straight perm. Following are some of the common perm styles

Spiral form

A spiral perm is a perm in which different sizes of form rods are used to create a multi-textured hairstyle. The different size ranges of the curling rod give a more natural look to your hair. Some of your hair will be tightly curled while the rest of the hair will be loosely permed. This will give a good balance layer look.

Volumizing perm

This type of perm adds volume to your haircut. You can do this type of perm with any of the following solutions. While getting a volumizing perm the curling rods from your hair are removed before adding the chemical solution to your hair. The perm solution should be neutralized to give your curls the perfect volumized wavy look.

 Multi-textured perm

It is also known as stack perm. In this type of perm styling, different rod sizes are used to give a stylish volumized, and natural look to your hair. In some sections of your hair, they will give you loose curls while in other sections they will perm tighter. The multi-texture perms give a layered look to your hair.

Body wave perm

In this type of perm, tight curls create a soft volumizing look. It is an amazing option for those people who have light hair with less volume. Your hair care professional will use a hot perm solution or acid for the best result. The size of the rods vary depending on your choice but usually, they use large perm rod. For a more natural and relaxed look, they will randomly place the rods rather than in perfect rows.

Partial perm

This type of perming method takes place on a specific portion of your hair rather than the whole hair. If you have naturally curly hair and only slight hairs are left to curl then you can do this type of perm on that spot.

It is the perfect choice for those people who want to increase the volume of their hair but do not want to spend a lot of money. If you have sleek straight hair at any point of your head, you can get this type of spot perming. It enhances your hair and increases its texture. It is performed by both hot and cold perm techniques.

Root perm

This type of perming technique increases the volume at the roots of your hair. The whole hair is not permed in this technique rather the hair which is closer to your scalp is permed. With the help of large perm rods, you can perm your hairs from the root. Because the rods are placed on the route of your hair therefore this technique is done through cold perms alkaline solution. Since all your hairs are not involved in this technique, it is a cheaper styling method that only involves curling rods and less perm solution.

Straight perm

It is a unique and latest trend of hair perming because most of us have heard that perms are only possible with curls. However, those people who want to get perms can also get in straight hair. It is a reverse perm or Japanese straight perm technique. If you have rough curly hair then you can do this type of hot perm technique so that you can get a straight and smooth hair look.

In this type of perming first, your hair stylist will apply chemical solutions to your hair. The solution will penetrate the cuticles of your hair then they will dry your hair with the hair dryer. They straighten the hair with the hair straightening iron then again apply the neutralizer so that the bond between the hair is restored. Once you will wash and dry your hair it will remain straight.


Problem: Perming can be a confusing process for the first-time customer. There are so many different perm prices and options, you might not know what to do.

Agitate: Hair perms come in a wide range of prices, which can make it difficult to pick out what’s best for you. If you’re not careful, you could end up paying way too much or getting a bad perm that will ruin your hair forever.

Solve: We recommend getting a perm at a salon as they’ll have all of the necessary tools at their disposal such as the right lotion and rod for your specific hair type. This way, you’ll get high quality service with guaranteed results – and it won’t cost an arm and a leg either!


We hope that from our article you have got the answer regarding how much does a perm cost, the average price of a perm, how much are perms for short hair, or how much are perms for long hair. The price of perm depends on the length, style, and from which place you are getting it.

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