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How to Bleach Hair – Splat DIY Hair Bleach Kit

Splat DIY Hair Bleach Kit

Whether it is a celebration, occasion, or new season about to come who doesn’t want to show some love for themselves by getting a new hairstyle? Hair colour is the best way to give a unique and different look to yourself. One such hair colour technique is Splat hair dye which has the most powerful hair lightning capability.

Most people are afraid to try new bright and funky colours on their hair because of their natural hair colour. For the best hair colour, it is important that you bleach your hair to the lightest so that the light hair can catch the exact colour you desire. However, if someone desire to Bleach their hair at home the most common question we read on the internet is how to Bleach hair with Splat DIY hair bleach kit.

Hair colouring whether you get highlights, lowlights, or complete hair dye is very expensive in salons. Even if you call a professional at your home to provide the services they will charge you much. Therefore, the best option is to do it yourself at home. If you are worried about how to Bleach hair- Splat DIY hair bleach kit then read the article till the end because here, you will get answers to all your queries.

What is hair bleaching?

Bleaching is a process in which you apply a bleaching solution to your hair. This solution penetrates into the hair and with the help of a bleaching agent, the natural colour of the hair is dissolved. Melanin also known as the Natural pigment of the hair once dissolved makes your hair lighter in colour. It depends on the natural colour of your hair and the bleaching agent you are using, whether your new hair colour will be yellow-orange or even white shade.

The bleaching process is a permanent process for lightning hair. It makes the hair porous so that it can absorb the hair dye or Chemicals more easily. After bleaching hair people usually get highlights, lowlights, or hair dye of different colours. Hair bleaching is necessary if someone has dark hair colour and desires to lighten their hair colour. However, it is not a very protective method for your hair as it immensely damages the hair.

Splat hair bleach kit

Splash hair bleach kit is among the most popular bleaching hair kit available in the market. This hair bleaching kit consists of all the things which you will require to Lightning your hair. Along with the Splat hair bleach kit, you will have a bleaching powder, diluting solution shampoo, and conditioner. Although there are different types of diluting solution volumes available but splat hair bleach kit specifically consists of volume 30. Volume 30 is considered a medium volume because it does not strongly harm your hair and at the same time, it easily lightens your existing hair colour.

How to Bleach Hair- Splat DIY hair bleach kit steps

Bleaching hair consists of harmful chemicals that can aggressively act on your hair. You cannot do bleaching again and again on your hair because it can be harmful and even destroy the hair structure. Hence, it is necessary to follow the correct instruction so that you can bleach your hair properly on the first attempt. Following are some of the steps that you should perform accurately to get the best bleaching result at your home.

  • Select a working space

Bleaching solution cannot only discolor your hair but also the colour of your outfit so you should wear those clothes ruining of that you will not stress out. You can prevent the stains of bleach by wearing a towel around your shoulder and placing a towel on the floor.

Comb your hair and divide your hair into 4 equal sections. It will help you with the application of bleaching solutions. To prevent any discolouration of the skin you can apply vaseline on your forehead and ears. Even if applying bleaching solution and hair dye gets messy you can easily remove it from your forehead and ears if you have applied vaseline.

  • Prepare the bleaching solution

You will get a glove, a Splat oxide bottle, and the bleaching powder in the packet of splat hair bleach kit. First, wear hand gloves to avoid contact with the bleaching agent. Remove the nozzle of the splat oxide bottle and add the bleaching powder into it. Make sure that the nozzle of the bottle is away from your eyes.

Mix the bleaching powder with the splat oxide. After mixing it for around 1 minute, have a look at the solution it should be smooth and creamy. If you find the need of adding more bleaching powder then you can add in the solution and again shake the bottle.

  • Application of bleaching solution

Once you have prepared the bleaching solution it should be applied to your hair immediately. Apply the bleach to your hair quickly by taking a small section of your hair. You should apply enough amount of bleaching solution so that all of your hair is totally saturated in the solution. Make sure that you are applying an equal amount to all of your hair to avoid any colour differences throughout the hair.

If you do not want to completely bleach your hair rather it is only a bleach touch up then you should only apply the bleach on the route of your hair. If you have long hairs and desire to apply bleach from mid to the roots, then you should start from the end and move upward.

Keep one thing in mind your bleaching solution should never touch your scalp. It should be a bit away from the scalp to prevent any burning, itchiness, and discomfort from the solution. For equal and complete distribution of the bleaching solution throughout your hair massage your hair for a few seconds.

You can place different Mirrors. 1 on your front and one on your back so that you can notice any missing points. Apply the bleaching solution for around 40 minutes maximum. But after every 5 minutes, you should check your hair. For checking the hair you can wipe the bleaching solution from your hair with the help of a wet towel to see if it has started discouring your hair or not.

When you notice that you have achieved the desired light hair then it is time to wash your hair. If you find that you need more bleaching solution to the hair then you can apply it. However, the bleaching agent should not be applied to the hair for more than 40 minutes because it can damage your hair.

  • Shampoo and conditioning of hair

Once you get the desired light colour for your hair it is time to rinse and wash your hair. If you will wash your hair with lukewarm or cold water it will give the best results. Splat hair bleach kit consists of shampoo and conditioner in its packet. Leave the wet hair for a while to air dry it. Afterwards either you can dye your hair with another colour or you can also enjoy the light hair colour.

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How long you can leave flat bleach on the hair

It is very important to know how long you can leave the splat hair bleach because the duration of application of the bleach solution is the most crucial step. Not all hair colours are the same therefore we cannot say that a specific time duration will work for all.

Generally, darker hair will require more time for bleach to start its work. If you have lighter hair colour within a few minutes the bleaching agent will start discolouration. One should not leave the bleaching solution for more than 40 minutes because it consists of aggressive harmful Chemicals and it can lead towards the destruction of hairs. To prevent the over-application of the bleaching agent one should check the progress of the bleaching agent after every 5 minutes.

How to take care of hairs after Splat bleach

just like other bleaching formulas splat bleach discolouring your hair at the same time it is also drying and damaging your hair. After bleaching your hair, it is very important to take care of your hair to restore its elasticity and moisture of the hair. Aftercare helps in reducing hair damage and hair fall. Make an after Care Hair routine such as following

  • Frequent hair oiling

Hair oiling helps in nourishing your hair with natural elements and also restores the moisture of your hair. The best way to protect your hair from damage dryness and hair fall are to apply hair oil on regular basis. Before 20 minutes of shower, you can apply hair oil. You can use mustard oil, coconut oil, and almond oil. If you want to improve the growth of your hair you can also apply castor oil.

  • Deep conditioning

Deep conditioning is the best way to restore hair moisture. For deep conditioning, you can either apply a hair conditioner or a hair mask before taking a shower. Leave the hair mask on your hair for a few minutes and rinse with shampoo. It will give smoothness, softness, and instant shine to your hair.

  • Protein treatment

While bleaching formula can harm your hair proteins, therefore a protein treatment is the best way to restore the hair nutrients and protein level. It will make your hair silky and shiny reducing the hair fall.

  • Avoid hair styling tools that have heat

Once you have applied the bleaching formula to your hair, they will become weak. For the initial few days, it is better to avoid heat-containing hairstyling tools. Heat can cause damage to your hair. You should at least give a few weeks to your hair to restore moisture and strength.

  • Use sulphate-free shampoo

Sulphate-free shampoos have fewer harmful chemicals in them and are much more gentle for the hair. It does not damage your hair and provides moisture to them. Since the bleaching formula has a lot of harmful chemicals in it so you should use a mild shampoo to prevent further damage.

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Advantages of splash lightning bleach

The following are the main advantages of the splat hair bleach kit

  • There is a wide range of splat bleach hair kits available and you can choose according to your preference and hair colour.
  • The bleaching formula is smooth and creamy making it easy to handle during the application.
  • It has a pre-measured constituent making it quite easy for you to mix and prepare the bleaching formula.

Disadvantages of splash lightning bleach

Just like any other product splat hair bleach kit also has its disadvantages.

  • According to some customers, the splat bleach hair kit has an unbearable odour that makes the bleaching experience uncomfortable.
  • All the bleaching agents are harmful and can damage hair so as splat hair bleach. After bleaching your hair, you can restore the moisture and shine of your hair by application of some damage-repair hair shampoo and conditioners.

Bottom line

We hope that you had got the answer on how to Bleach hair and use a splat DIY hair bleach kit. This bleaching product is a very handy and easy product through which you can bleach your hair at home without any problem. However, it is crucial to follow the aftercare of hairs to protect them from further damage and restore their moisture. Don’t forget to give us your feedback on how was your hair bleaching experience with the splat hair bleach kit.

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