How To Blend Contour Makeup – Guide 2023

Are you fascinated by the flawlessly sculpted face of Kim Kardashian and want one? But not sure how to blend contour makeup? And you painstakingly applied contour makeup only to feel like the end result isn’t as you had been expecting? while every YouTube contour makeup blending tutorial might simply sound like noise.

The good news? If you relate this, you’re not alone. Many of us don’t know where to start with contouring or how to apply it properly.

My lovelies, contouring is one of the best beauty tricks for a beautifully sculpted-looking complexion. Your face will seem refined and enhanced if your contour makeup is properly applied and blended! It is an artful way to enhance your face shape, as it let you highlight your loved facial features and hide your not-so-fave.

No more contouring mishaps or blending blunders! Even if you are new to contour makeup or have attempted it before, with our step-by-step guide you can achieve the flawless look all your favorite celebrities have!

Let’s get started to unleash your inner makeup artist.

Everything to know about contour makeup 

Contouring can make your face look like it has sharper cheekbones, a narrower nose, a smaller forehead, and a more visible jawline. It can enhance any makeup look by making your facial features and bone structure look more defined and dimensional.

This beauty trick is actually not as hard as it may seem, believe me.

Before exploring the secrets of contouring, if you’re new to the world of contour, let’s answer some common mysteries of contour makeup.

What does a contour do?

Contouring is a face sculpting makeup technique that involves using warm or cool-toned shades of foundation to highlight, slim, or deepen certain features of the face, that otherwise won’t pop on their own. It’s usually applied under the cheekbones to make them stand out more and, on the nose, to make it look thinner.

It enhances the shape and definition of the face, as well as other parts of the body such as the collarbone.

Contouring is a technique that’s been used for a long time. It started in the 1500s when actors covered parts of their faces with chalk to help the audience read their expressions clearly. 

It sparked a seemingly unstoppable trend. When famous celebs like Kim Kardashian began to share their contour, beauty secrets on social media.

What is the difference between contour and bronzer?

Many people think that contour and bronzer are the same thing. However, the answer is NO!

Their purpose in your daily makeup routine differs, Bronzer makes your face glow and look warm, while contour is used to sculpt and creates shadows to give your face more shape.

Undertones in bronzers are warmer, but undertones in contours are more neutral and colder. Make sure your contours are matte and a shade darker than your bronzer. This will help to improve your facial features, highlight your inherent attractiveness, and create a captivating illusion of dimension.

So, if you want a sun-kissed hue, bronzer is a necessity. Contour products are the way to go if you want to snatch attention to your cheekbones.

Do you contour before or after the foundation?

Apply foundation before you contour your face, as it can be easily blended and adjusted if needed. 

Before contouring, use a foundation that matches your natural skin color. This will make your skin look smoother and create a perfect base.

Once your foundation is flawlessly applied, it’s time to unlock the true potential of your facial features. The makeup experts advise that contouring is most effective when applied after foundation and concealer. You can apply cream, liquid, or stick contours on top of your foundation. Then, blend them so well look smooth and natural. 

Putting a little bit of translucent powder on top of your foundation before using contour makeup can make it go on smoothly without any patches or rough spots.

What makeup brush should you use to contour?

A contour brush helps shape and define the contours of your face. It has short and rounded bristles with a flat brush head. Its main purpose is to add shadows to the contours of your face, making them stand out more. 

It’s important for a contour brush to be soft, smooth, and easy to hold. When choosing a brush, look for strong and tidy bristles. Contour brushes include an angled contour brush, a roundheaded nose-shadow brush, and a highlighting brush. The angled contour brush is used to create defined and angular contours on the face.

Contour dos and don’ts

Ah, Contouring is like painting on your face, sculpting beauty with shadows and light. Uncover the essential dos and don’ts of contouring to achieve a flawless and sculpted look.

Do: Use matte makeup

Contouring is all about mimicking those natural shadows caused by your bone structure. To achieve this, you need matte products that don’t catch any light. Therefore, you should use only matte products. 

Don’t: Use shimmer products

We want our outline to be very deep and dark as a shadow. Shimmer products reflect light and make that part of the face stand out instead of looking flat. Use Shimmer products for highlighting and enhancing, not for contouring.

Do: Blend the contour makeup

Always blend your contour makeup to avoid harsh lines. This step is super important, it makes your contoured look more natural and softer. Grab a regular foundation brush or a beauty blender sponge and gently tap over the contoured area, blending it more smoothly. 

Don’t: Apply before the foundation

Foundation is referred to as our base because it’s the first thing we applied on our face. we apply contour and highlight on top; the foundation helps balance and blend everything seamlessly. 

Do: Match undertones 

Choose the best contour color for your skin. Contouring is done to give more shape to your face, not to make your skin seem darker. If your skin is light, choose a slightly darker shade of makeup, but not too much darker. If you do it correctly, your makeup should make your face look more attractive and defined in a natural way.

Don’t: Contour everyday

Once you have hooked on the art of contouring. My dear! there is no way back it’s tempting to do it every single day for that perfectly chiseled face 

But hold on!

Contouring every day can actually speed up the aging process of your skin. Give your skin a breather and skip it once in a while.

Are you ready to turn heads? Follow our step-by-step guide to blend contour makeup flawlessly!

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How do you blend?

Blending is the ultimate key to a perfect contour look. If the contour is not blended properly, it turns out to be a cakey unnatural face look with harsh lines.  

So beautiful, do you wanna know how to blend contour makeup in no time?

There are a couple of ways to get spotlessly blended contour makeup. The first trick is to use a brush. When you use a brush, don’t press it too hard on your face, move it around in little circles.

Next is the beauty blender, damp a sponge in water and squeeze it out the extra water. Don’t overdo this else it will be soggy or won’t blend well. the extra water. Now, gently blend the makeup with the sponge by making small circular motions. 

You can blend the contour makeup with your fingers. Avoid over-blend, else you will not get the right contouring effect. 

No matter which method you pick, it’s necessary to be patient and take your time when blending contour. Be Gentle and you will end up with a flawlessly sculptured face.

How to blend contour makeup step by step?

Wondering how to blend Contour makeup flawlessly?  Before Anything Else… Here we go with 07 magical steps to contour like a pro.

Step 01: Prepare your face

Always follow a skincare routine before applying any makeup on your face. 

Cleanse – Moisturize – Prime!  your skin to help blend a contour makeup smoothly. 

Next, apply any foundation or concealer that matches your skin tone to hide any blemishes and dark spots on your face. You can also apply a thin layer of translucent powder so you have a clean base to contour from.

Step 02: Select the style you want

The next step is to Make a Decision About Your Desired Look before you start to blend contour. If you want a matte finish, go for a powder contour, and yet use a cream contour for a dewy finish.

While cream contours are super easier to blend. Save shimmer shades for highlighters!

Experiment with different shadows and lines to sculpt your face until you find the style that fits you best.

Step 03: Choose brushes wisely

The type of brush will impact how you blend contour makeup. Do not go for full brushes. Use contouring brushes to blend, while fan and sculpting brushes too work well.  

Use small and fluffy brushes for better accuracy while using your brushes. You need two different brushes for contouring and highlighting.

Step 04: Highlighting

Then, apply shimmery shadow to areas of your face that reflect light naturally. Such as the forehead, top of cheekbones, Bridge and the tip of your nose, around the eyes, brow bone, and the center of your chin. 

Highlighting can make your makeup look fresh. It also gives your face a little bit of sine to make it look brighter.

Step 05: Blush

Choose a color of blush that compliments your skin tone. Gently apply it to the apples of your cheeks. Blush gives a natural look to your makeup and helps with blending contour makeup colors.

Step 06: Blend 

Now, the most important step is blending. Tap a brush or a beauty blender over the contoured area of your face, to make it blend into your foundation. You might have a few harsh lines from your lighter and darker shades. Blending will aid to smooth things out and make your makeup look softer and more natural. Be gentle don’t go crazy with blending contour makeup.

Step 07: Lock in your look

Lastly, apply setting powder or spray to keep your perfectly sculpted contour makeup in place all day long! 

And ta-da! You are all set to slay!

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How to contour and highlight your face shape?

Contouring Styles depend on your face shape and the type of product you use. Whether your face is round, oval, or square, each shape requires a specific contouring technique to enhance your features and create the desired look. 

Let’s explore how to contour and highlight based on your unique face shape to make your face look ideal.

Contour for round faces:

Having a round face means that your face is almost like a circle and there are not any corners around your jawline, chin, or forehead. You should make your face more oval by adding structure.

Blend Contour makeup around your forehead and temples to slim down your face. To make your face look longer, draw a line from your ears to the middle of your cheeks and then downwards to your jawline, below your cheekbones.

Highlight the middle area of your forehead and chin, and your under-eyes in an inverted triangle shape. 

Contour for square faces:

Square faces are angular and are as long as they are wide. To give your face a softer look and make it less angular first contour the upper and lower corners of your face. 

Adding some highlighter to your forehead and chin can make your face look less flat and more dimensional.

Contour for oval faces:

If your face is oval or longer, contour your forehead more and your temples less. Make your jawline curve and shadow to make it look less sharp.

Highlight your forehead and chin to bring focus to these facial areas.

Contour for heart faces

Heart-shaped faces have a wide forehead, high cheekbones, and pointed chin. Apply contour under your cheekbones and along the hairline. Also, highlight the middle of your face. Add some blush on the apples of your cheeks for the perfect look.

Contour for diamond faces

Diamond-shaped faces have small foreheads and chin and cheekbones are high and wide. To make your face look longer, apply contour makeup along your hairline and under your cheekbones. Then highlight the area under your cheekbones to stand out.

Types of contour makeup products

So, beauties, liquid, cream, or powder contour products?  Which one Should You Choose? Which contouring product is right for you? Follow this guide. Choosing the appropriate contour formula is critical for a beautifully sculptured contour face.

Powder contour:

Powder Contour products look velvety, smooth, and matte. They are super long-lasting than other contour types. smooth and matte. 

If you are new to the contouring world, powder contour products are the best for you. They are easier to control than creams and liquids. You can put it on your foundation and it won’t make a dramatic effect.

Powder products work well for people who have oily skin. Also, Powder contours are mostly used for a more defined face look.

Cream contour:

Cream contour products make your skin look shiny and creamy. If you want a dewy, youthful, and hydrated glow, using a cream product is a good choice. They are super easy to blend and work with any blending tool. If you are in a hurry, it’s best to use cream contour.

Cream contours are thicker in texture and hence challenging to blend. They are good to go for events, occasions, eveningwear, and in flashlight photography.

They are great for people with normal or dry skin types. To get the best results, put the cream contour on top of a liquid foundation.

Liquid contour:

Liquid contour products take a little more blending than powder products. Above all, they produce the most natural results on the face. Furthermore, you don’t need a full foundation and a blending brush to apply liquid contours.

Liquid contour sticks are ideal for girls with dry skin. The secret is to have a foundation that is one to two shades darker than your skin tone and another that properly matches you. It creates a sheer, contoured finish while yet retaining some glow on the face.

How to find the best contour shade for your skin tone

Are you Struggling to find the perfect contour shade? Don’t fret, we’ve got a genius solution for you!

Try using a CONTOUR PALETTE that has many shade choices. You can mix different colors to create the exact shade that you want. If you have more colors to choose from, it will help you avoid buying a new product when your skin tone changes throughout the year.

For Fair-to-Medium Skin Tones: Look for neutral, taupe contour shades that lean cooler.

For Tan and Olive Skin Tones: Look for deeper, golden contour shades that lean warmer.

For Dark Skin Tones: Look for deep, warm, chestnut brown shades with the right balance of blue and red undertones.

Best contour makeup products

Hunting for a new contour makeup product to create a beautifully sculpted look?

Look no further! We understand that finding the perfect contour makeup can be challenging, but we’re here to make your search a breeze. Whether you’re a makeup beginner or an expert, we have seven different contouring products for you that give the best results.

Match stix contour skin stick

The Fenty Beauty Match Stix is the best of Makeup by Disco’s kit if you prefer a natural skin-like finish over a dewy finish. It is a long-lasting contour makeup stick.

Master contour V-shade duo stick

For your next choice, the Master Contour V-Shade Duo Stick by Maybelline New York has covered your both contour and highlight needs in one item. This two-in-one stick marks a velvety contour and highlighter to enhance and sculpt with ease.

Nyx cosmetics highlight & contour pro palette

The next on the list is the NYX Professional Makeup Highlight & Contour Pro Face Palette which has 8 powders available for both contouring and highlighting.

E.L.F. Cream contour palette

Need a budget-friendly option? No issue. This powder palette by e.l.f. has four show-stopping tones you’ll be able to blend, match and mix for a flawless contoured look. It has two shades for contouring and two hues for highlighting.

L’oréal Paris infallible pro contour palette

The perfectly sculpted contour in seconds! Do try L’Oreal Paris’ Pro Contour Kit. This contour makeup product includes shades that help make your cheekbones and face look more defined and sculpted. These powders can be easily blended on the skin to make it look perfect and stay put all day.

Rare beauty liquid touch brightening concealer

If you have dry skin, try out this liquid Rare beauty contour. It has a hydrating botanical blend that easily settles fine lines. Say bye-bye to Cakey Looks. This product gives quick and easy contour.

Smash box step-by-step contour kit

Not to miss Smash Box step-by-step contour kit comes with a brush to make it easier for you to sculpt your face. This product blends really well to give you the perfect finish you want. It’s easy to have a face like a model on the runway now.

Bonus tips

  1. Don’t use too much contour. Initiate with a little product and add more as needed.
  2. Avoid mixing powder and liquid products when contouring. They can be hard to blend and may result in an uneven finish.
  3. Take your time when blending your contour makeup!
  4. Don’t rush your contouring! Apply it in the right order for the best results. This helps your beauty products work together and blend perfectly.

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Last Words

With this guide, you have surely learned how to blend contour makeup flawlessly in no time. Now, you are ready to get your desired sculptured look nothing can stop you, my dear. 

I’m sure we answered all your doubts and questions about contouring makeup in this article. 

Contour is a booster; it adds richness and warmth to your face. Grab your contour makeup products and start your own makeup session. With patience and the right tools, you can achieve a beautifully contoured face.

Remember, blend is your Lucky Charm!

Makeup should make you feel confident, so choose the appearance that makes you feel most at ease.

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