How To Make a tshirt Into a Tank Top


Every year, as the weather becomes hotter, we become eager to wear our late outfits bought in late spring! We’ve found, notwithstanding, that making things oneself is regularly much more effective than buying from stores since styling is easy when it comes to building stuff oneself. Whenever we open our standard dresser drawer we find some shirts which make us think: if these were tank tops. From there, we have developed this fantastic (diy tshirt to tank top) guide.

Possibly it’s simply the Do-It-Yourself authority in us, regarding that heap of tattered garments we set out each year during home cleaning shouts “potential” as far as we might be concerned, and our beloved spring exercise is scrounging through our garments and finding old shirts that we can change and transform into “brand new” things!

For some individuals, t-shirts are an essential item in their closet. They might be ancient to use over the long haul. Why not change your old tshirt to a tank top instead of discarding it? Tank tops are effortless to make. You can finish the seams with a sewing machine for a cleaner look, but you don’t have to because the shirt texture doesn’t shred. All you’ll need is a pair of scissors to cut the shirt into a tank top. Fitness Mobile Application-UX/UI Design anavar price in usa Fitness Reality 810XLT Super Max Power Cage for sale online | eBay

Tshirt to tank top DIY

Now, we’ll show you how to make this fashionable DIY and turn a t-shirt into a tank top. In this DIY, we will take a basic half-sleeve t-shirt and turn it into a cute tank top. You can quickly find basic t-shirts at all clothing stores and order them from tons of clothing websites. Let’s do materials.

Things you will need


  • T-shirts.


  • Scissor;
  • Fabric chalk to do the markings;
  • Ruler;
  • Measuring tape;
  • Sewing machine (Optional).

Cutting shirts into tank tops

Step 1: Make a template of a tank top

Make a format out of a tank top. Since you’ll show it, ensure it fits impeccably and looks incredible on you. Relax, assuming you don’t have a tank top to use as a layout. A tank top can, in any case, be made.

Step 2: Choosing an old shirt to make into a tank top

Turn back to front a shirt that you wouldn’t fret about destroying. Except if you need a tight tank top, the shirt doesn’t have to fit well. If the shirt is new, it should be washed and dried first. Later the main wash, the fabric shrinks, and you need the shirt to be a suitable size before dealing with it.

Step 3: Removing wrinkles by ironing the t-shirts 

Eliminate any kinks from the two shirts by pressing them. It’s brilliant to do this regardless of whether your shirts are, as of now, lovely and smooth. Pressing the texture smooths it out and simplifies it to manage.

Step 4: Aligning both T-shirts

Adjust the shoulders of the tank top with the shoulders of the shirt. Place the shirt level on a table, then, at that point, cover it with the tank top. Guarantee that the tank top’s shoulders are lined up with the t-shirt’s shoulders. Make sure the fronts of the two shirts are pointing upwards also.

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Step 5: Pin the tank top to avoid any possible mishap from happening

To protect the tank top from sliding, pin it to the t-shirt. Place straight pins around the tank top’s edges. Make sure you pin through both shirts’ layers. This will prevent the shirts from sliding around and help you cut more evenly.

Step 6: Cutting the t-shirt’s sleeves and neckline

Cut the t-shirt using the armholes and neckline of the tank top as a guide. Leave a 12-inch (1.27-centimeter) seam allowance around the armholes and neckline if you want a completed hem. T-shirt tank tops do not require a finished hem because the fabric does not fray. However, a completed hem will look better. Cut the sleeves and collar off your t-shirt if you don’t have a tank top to serve as a guide. Before cutting the shirt, fold it in half to ensure both sides are even.

Step 7: Unpinning the tank top

Remove the tank top from the tee and store it. Remove the pins and store the tank top. At this step, double-check that the t-shirt is still inside out. It won’t be turned right side out until the very last step.

Step 8: Cutting the sleeves and the neckline wider (if required)

If required, make the front neckline and armholes broader. The front of some tank tops has a lower neckline than the back. The armholes are the same way. If you want finished hems, don’t cut too much off; remember to leave a 12-inch (1.27-centimeter) seam allowance.

Step 9: Overlap the cut edges down, pin them set up, and press them flat with an iron

Fold the cut edges in half, pin them in place, and iron them flat. 12-inch fold down the edges (1.27 centimeters). Straight pins should be used to secure the folds, and iron should be used to flatten them. Make sure you fold towards the outside, not the inside while folding.

You can ignore this step if you want the edges to be raw and unhemmed. T-shirts are composed of fray-resistant jersey cloth.

Step 10: Line the folded edges down utilizing a ¼-inch (0.64 centimeters) crease recompense

Use a 14-inch (0.64-centimeter) seam allowance to stitch down the folded edges. Sew by hand or with a sewing machine for more professional, long-lasting results.

If you’re sewing, choose a stitch designed for knit textiles. A V every few stitches break up what appears to be a straight stitch.

Remember to tie the thread ends into tight knots and cut the surplus tail ends when you’ve finished sewing.

Step 11: Eliminate the pins, turn the tank right side out, and give it a try

Remove the pins from the tank, turn it right side out, and put it on. Unless you used a fitted t-shirt or trimmed the sides, the tank top will be a little loose.

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