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How To Tighten a Bra Straps: Quick And Easy Bra Tips

Tighten a bra straps

When you put on your bra in the morning, have you experienced the girls going downward or strips slipping off your shoulders? When you bought that bra, it was your best friend but now a days it is becoming your worst enemy.

The embarrassing moments of shoulder slips and saggy loose breasts may give you anxiety. If you are depressed by thinking that your body is changing, you are absolutely wrong. The actual suspect is not your body rather you should be adjusting bra straps.

A new bra gives a comfy feeling and has the best fittings but after several washes, the straps become loose. Therefore, it is essential to keep adjusting the bra correctly and have some know-how about pro bra hacks.

If you’re facing these problems, don’t panic because we’ve all been there at some point. Just keep reading this article to learn about how to tighten a bra straps: Quick and easy bra tips.

Step by step guideline to tighten bra straps

You think cups and bands are the most essential part of a bra however, it is not true. Bra straps perform the heaviest lifting duty. With loose bra straps, you may suffer from slipping straps embarrassment at any moment, while excessive tight straps will be more uncomfortable and painful. To skip these troubles, the following are basic steps that you can follow to keep your bra strap in its place.

  • Find out the slide of the bra adjuster

A bra adjuster is a metal clip moving upwards and downwards along the length of the bra strap. You can move upward and downward these clips to tighten bra straps or lose them as well. Depending on the slide, it can move full or halfway along the strap.

First set the slide adjuster according to your comfort. In new bras these slide clips are present at the back therefore, you should adjust the straps before you wear your bra.

In some bras like a sports bra, they do not have slide adjusters, in such cases, you can not do anything for the perfect fit. Therefore, while buying a sports bra make sure you get the one that fits you best.

  • Loosen the bra straps

You can loosen the bra straps to the maximum extent. First, hold the slide clip in one hand and pull the back part of the strap with the other hand. The clip should move away from the bra band to reach the strap length. After you lose the bra strap, wear it, and close the clasp on the hook.

  • Slide the bra straps adjusters to get a desirable fit

To adjust your bra strap to the desired length, now hold your bra strap with one hand and a bra with the other. Keep moving the adjuster away from the bra band. Move the adjuster upward towards the shoulder. It is up to you how much you want to make the bra tighter by moving the adjuster closer to the bra cup.

  • Adjust the other side

Perform the same process to the other side. Remember both of your sides may not be the same. Therefore, adjust the other strap according to the size of your breast. One side of the bra may be tighter than the other. It is quite common and you shouldn’t be worried about it.

  • Try it on and make necessary adjustments

If you think adjusting bra straps is hard while wearing them, you can take them off and first adjust them. Once you have made the initial strap adjustments, try it on. If it is still loose, further adjust the slide clip.

Reason for loose straps

Even after following the above guidelines you still find your bra straps loose and slipping off your shoulder, then there must be some other reason for it. It is time to find a new bra for yourself or a better way to make the bra tighter.

  1. You are wearing the wrong size

You may have got your breast measured from a big brand shop years ago and now your size has changed. There are several changes taking place in a body over a period of time similar to the situation of our breast. The cup of your bra should fit snugly against your breast without any gaps. The strap should move along your shoulder without sliding off or giving harsh marks. If still, you do not find the correct bra size for you, then get yourself remeasured by a professional.

  1. Straps elasticity problem

With time bra straps lose their elasticity. If you are wearing the same bra for years and even after tightening to the maximum extent it feels loose, then it is time to buy a new one.

If you have a breast sagging problem and want to know which bra is best for tightening, below is a list of few

  • Full cup bra
  • T-shirt bra
  • Balconette bra
  • Push up bra
  1. Different shapes of the shoulder

Some women develop shoulder narrowing or sloping problems while few others are born with it. In such a scenario, even if you buy the correct size still it is difficult to prevent the bra strap from sliding off your shoulder. Following are some of the tips for it

  • Avoid using camisole back bras
  • Invest in a clip that attaches to the straps of your bra
  • Try out a halter bra
  • Use Racerback, criss-cross, or leotard back strap type of bras.

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DIY ideas for tightening a bra strap

As mentioned earlier, when a bra is washed a dozen times its strap loses elasticity. No matter how much you tighten, it will still remain loose.

If you do not have time for buying a new bra, then these DIY bra strap holder ideas are surely life-saving.

  1. Tie the straps

If you wonder how to make bras tighter without sewing them, then these tips are the best. Going for dinner, lunch, or any other occasion desiring a quick fix for a loose bra strap, then try out using a clip or a hair tie.

With a clip or hair tie, you can tie the strap of your bra from the back. It is a DIY version of the homemade racerback bra. With this trick, you can easily tighten the bra straps and prevent shoulders from slipping. However, don’t over tighten your strap as it will give an over-lift look to your boobs.

  1. Try out safety pins

By using a safety pin, you can create a small S-shape at the back of your strap. Gather all the loose straps at the back and tuck them with a safety pin.

Be extra cautious while placing the safety pin, since there is not much tension in it. If you tighten up the strap excessively it can pop open at any moment.

  1. Fix it with thread and needle

It is a better and long-term solution than the safety pin method. The procedure is the same only you will use a sewing needle and thread to stitch the lower of the strap. You can stitch the S-shape with strap length just make sure the stitches are thick enough to hold it in place.


Wearing a looser bra strap is definitely a point of concern, giving you a lot of embarrassing moments. Check if you are wearing the correct size of bra for a perfect fit.

It is good to keep in mind several causes due to which your bra is feeling looser than usual. Sometimes a quick fix can be a lifesaver but you should know when it is time to buy a new one.

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