How To Use Interior Design To Reflect Your Personal Style

Personal style is so much more than clothing and cute purses. It has everything to do with what you find beautiful and functional in your life. Whether you’re the guy who wears a black turtleneck everywhere or the girl who needs pockets in every dress, you can bring your own definition of form and function to your interior design choices. Use these tips and strategies to design a home so beautiful it would stop a real estate agent in his or her tracks! 

First, wall color and flooring

In each room, the wall paint or wallpaper and the flooring will set the tone for your personal style. Consider how pricey it is to change these things before you opt in, though; replacing ugly carpet may be a much less inviting option than ripping it out and using the excellent-condition hardwood floors, for example. 

Choose or upcycle your furniture (less is more!)

If you already own some furniture, try to group it based on what looks good together and, of course, the needs of the room. Particularly if you are downsizing, don’t feel pressured to jam too much furniture into a given room. Pick just the items that really reflect what you want from the space, and let go of furniture that throws off the look. 

Lastly, see every item for its possibilities: with new fabric or a new coat of paint, an unappealing piece might just have a spot in your home. Upcycling refers to taking something like selectblindscanada that was no longer a useful piece of furniture, either in function or because it was damaged or dated. You then modify it or beautify it and turn it into a one-of-a-kind item for your home that fits your unique tastes.

Add functional details like shelves and organizers

Even if your personal style doesn’t seem connected to organization, remember you’ll have more time to enjoy your beautiful home if it is very easy to use. Spend some time finding or making shelves, drawer organizers, desk caddies and other organizational tools so that everything can have a place and look great. You don’t want a perfect home on the surface that secretly conceals a bunch of junk drawers and wild closets.

Your personal taste still shines through: if you don’t mind jumbles of items, a big basket in the front entrance way could be perfect for coats and gloves and scarves, while if you are very detail-oriented, your personality might prefer neat hooks and drawers designated for each kind of item. 

Set everything apart with wall art and mementos

One of the best places to express your style is with the accents, the last few touches to a room after the basic functions are all present. From framed photography to art, from plants to travel souvenirs, your home will better reflect who you are if you proudly display items that bring you joy and fond memories. This is where beauty takes the lead and you can show off an item even if it is unconventional because this is your home and you get to make that choice. You’d be surprised by how much these items create the atmosphere of your decor, and how they can be helpful to selling your home in the future!

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