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how to wear jumpsuit in winter

People are looking for some sassy and sleek options these days and jumpsuits have it all. It’s perfect for every occasion, a casual lunch, dinner date, party, or formal meeting. The availability of a wide range of designs is making them appropriate for all events. Thus, there shouldn’t be anything holding you back from flaunting jumpsuits.

The happening success of jumpsuits is clear evidence that women of every age and size love wearing these. They don’t just look flattering but are super comfortable too. Jumpsuits are too chic and elegant to be worn in every season. Unlike playsuits and romper, the long-pants style can make them the right fit for the winter season.

Indeed, it’s too cold to walk out while flaunting a jumpsuit but equally challenging to say ‘No’ to it. The long pants do cover your legs, but you need something for the upper too. So, think about pairing up these varying jumpsuits with cardigans, sweaters, or find other ways. To help with your looks, five ways to style a jumpsuit in winter are enlisted below.

Grab a Leather Jacket

Isn’t a leather jacket the coolest winter thing? Leather jackets go with every piece of clothing alongside, adding mood and style to every outfit. So, how about you pair it up with your jumpsuit?

Believe it or not, a leather jacket is your best friend in the chilly winters of the city. It makes your jumpsuit look super classy, perfect for a concert or formal gathering. Since color combination makes a lot of difference. You can choose pastel-colored jumpsuits as they compliment brown and black leather jackets.

Although black over black looks amazing but avoid pairing up the same colored jumpsuits and leather jackets. This isn’t a fashion disaster but something too last year. In case you feel hot during the daytime, you can simply tie your leather jacket around the waist of your jumpsuit. It just looks exquisite and edgy!

If you’re skeptical about your choice due to the chilling weather, then remember the material of leather jackets is thick enough to not let any wind pass through it. Besides, the extra thick material of the jacket also protects your body in case of accidents. Thus, you can step out with utter confidence and grace.

However, if you think the leather jacket would look too gaudy for the occasion, you can grab any jacket or blazer with a good color combination to make it look equally appealing and stylish with the jumpsuit.

Add Pop of Color with Trench

You must be living on the moon if you are unaware of the pop trenches. These are the most popular outerwear today. The solid colors of trenches are helping people around the globe create some super stylish fashion statements. Many people are skeptical when it comes to wearing bright colors but aren’t winters all about popping up with bold colors?

Styling your jumpsuits with bright colors is the best choice you can ever make. Usually, people own neutral-colored jumpsuits and printed ones. Adding a colored trench to the jumpsuits won’t just save you from the cold but would make your whole outfit more appealing. Guess what? Here are some amazing color combination ideas for you.

For instance, a mustard-colored trench looks elite with a black or white jumpsuit. After all, these days mustard is the new black for many people out there. Similarly, if you’re a big fan of denim, then a denim trench can light up a white jumpsuit instantly. Well, the pro-tip is to choose light-colored jumpsuits and pair them with a bold-colored trench.

Style with Dapper Coats

Winters and coats go along very well in the brisk weather. The standard colored coats never fail to add style and grace to any outfit even if it is styled with a jumpsuit. Getting a couple of these coats and wearing along your jumpsuits is the best thing for winters. Especially if you’re not into fancy coats and like keeping things simple.

You also have the option to opt for contrasting coats; these are coats with different patterns, styles, and colors. There are a variety of options to choose from, some are made from quite thick materials while some are just light-weight fancy versions of coats. If this is giving you second thoughts, then you can look for other options around.

Not just this, but many people love carrying oversized coats as they look incredible with a jumpsuit. Most jumpsuits are also baggy and loose-styled and pairing it up with oversized jumpsuits can make some dapper street-style fashion statements. Haven’t you seen celebrities carrying this look yet? Well, it’s a complete hit.

Besides, checkered printed coats are trendy these days. These coats are although followed by menswear but in now creating an uproar in women’s wear as well. It’s because they look chic yet classy on women too, allowing them to add style to any outfit. So, you can also play your look with different fabrics to pair it with your jumpsuit for winter.

Add Some Spirit with Cardigans & Scarfs

The winter winds are quite overwhelming, and you need something extra for heat, and for this, you can opt for super stylish cardigans. These are made from thick fabrics such as wool and jersey that is suitable for winters. It’s for all those people who resist wearing coats and leather jackets during the daytime. You can get some standard-colored cardigans to style with any jumpsuit. Thus, allowing you to wear jumpsuits for casual lunches, shopping sprees or even to carry out your daily errands.

Getting furry knitwear won’t just add oomph to your whole outfit but also makes your jumpsuit look trendy and playful, while also saving you from the chilly winds. Cardigans can also be one of the best pieces to carry as a backup while heading out to a party or formal dinner.

Some people feel extra cold and hence they need extra layers of clothing too. If you’re wearing a cardigan or coat, you’re already a handful. The ideal thing is to grab a scarf and wrap it around your neck which would add extra warmth to your outfit along with elegance.

Do you know what the best part is? Scarfs go really well with coats, cardigans, and blazers. Moreover, you can search up different ways to wear a scarf elegantly and gracefully with a jumpsuit. The rest of your look depends on the style you choose!

Accessorize Stylish Boots

Wearing jumpsuits in winters doesn’t come at the cost of breaking fashion rules and going off track. Rather it’s more likely to experiment with fashion statements. Haven’t you seen celebrities and models flawlessly stepping out wearing jumpsuits in winters? They look beyond amazing.

Even after pairing up your jumpsuit with coats, leather jackets, cardigans, there’s something missing. You need to find the appropriate footwear that complements your whole look. Don’t end up wearing slippers with socks because it can make you look lazy and out of tune. Hence, finding the right pair of shoes is very important.

High Heel Boots

High-heeled boots can be your savior especially when you’re heading out for dinners or parties. They look sleek and glamorize your outfit. So, take out the boots you have been waiting to wear or invest in a brand new pair.

Standard Boots

However, if you’re a person who doesn’t find heels comfortable or likes wearing flats, you can get boots without heels, they look equally appealing.  These go very well with a jumpsuit that is slightly above the ankles. 

Besides, the misery of deciding the color combination is eliminated. High boots look equally amazing with jumpsuits of every color. You can either get brown or black boots since these are standard colors to wear with any type of outfit.

Final Verdict

Jumpsuits are unavoidable no matter if it’s cold or hot. People love the concept of these one-piece suits and can’t resist even when it’s too cold to wear them. The amazing designs are allowing people to pull some stunning style statements without the need of putting a lot of effort. Therefore, it’s necessary to look for options and ways on how to wear jumpsuit in winter too.

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