7 Types Of Jackets Everyone Should Have In Their Closets

A fashion-faithful individual would always go on and on about the importance of owning multiple jackets of different types. You may not understand their excitement when the conversation revolves around a jacket or coat, but they are mostly right. 

Jackets aren’t just a piece of fabric. They have an important function, and they can transform even the simplest of outfits into a show-stopping look. Jackets might have been introduced to keep us warm and safe from chills. However, now they do more than that. They offer elegance and a certain taste to our look. And if styled right, they can bring out the best of every outfit! Hence, you must own a few pieces of jackets. But which ones? That’s the question. 

Let us help you decide which types of jackets are a must-have for everyone. 

Denim Jacket

Denim jackets are timeless pieces that are fashion essential for every man and woman. The raw style and the versatility of the jacket make it a must-have fashion clothing. You can dress to impress with it just by putting on a basic tee, slim-fit pants, and completing the fit with a denim jacket. Or, if you want to dress up a bit extra, wear a black button-down shirt with a broad collar, dark-colored pants, and a denim jacket. 

The jacket is considered essential because of its unique fabric and comfortable wear. The best part is the fact that it creates an outfit that’s perfect for casual hangouts as well as date nights and parties. 

Bomber Jacket

Fashion magazines in winter are always filled with pages of models showing off their style in bomber jackets. It looks chic and dressy, and the variety is impeccable. That’s why it’s important for you to have at least one bomber jacket in your wardrobe. 

Deemed a wardrobe staple for most, the bomber jacket has gained quite some attention over the years. A bomber jacket adds charm to your look while also making sure to keep you warm and protected from the cold. Its soft material is great for dry winter skin, and it goes best with almost every outfit. 

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Mostly popular for outdoor winter activities such as hiking and skiing, Parkas have turned a fashion game. In recent years, they have gained the spotlight for all the right reasons. Parka jackets are mostly made with double-layered cotton or nylon material. They are extremely comfortable and warm to wear and hence have become a style statement in the colder regions. 

Parkas are available either with a hood or without. It can also be lined with fur and stuffed with the material. The biggest advantages of owning a parka are the multiple pockets, great overall fit, and keeping the cold at bay. Moreover, you can style it in a “runway look”. We are sure you’d turn heads wherever you go! 

Leather Jacket

In the olden age, leather jackets were mostly worn by rugged-looking men who rode motorcycles and smoked in sketchy alleys. However, times have changed now. In this century and age, leather jackets have become an important part of street style and outerwear.

Every man and woman should own a classy piece of the leather jacket. The two most-sought after leather jacket colors are black and brown. Luckily, these colors go well with almost every other color. And if you are trying to be a “mysterious person”, just wear a co-ord set and throw on a leather jacket and boots, your bold look is sure to get you noticed. 

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Letterman Jacket

If you are a sports fan, you must have seen the players walking around in letterman jackets. There’s a certain charm to wearing those jackets. And that’s exactly why you should own one of these. 

The best part about letterman jackets is how they keep us snug and warm. In addition to that, they are versatile and easy to style. A bold-colored satin letterman jacket paired with black pants will offer you a trendsetting look that you will surely cherish. The clashing colors and materials of the jacket and pants will help you draw attention to yourself. 

Suede Jacket

For fashion enthusiasts and everyone else, a suede jacket is another must-have for the winter season. Suede is one of the best fabrics for cold and for fashion too. It offers warmth to our bodies and also makes us look like we came straight out of a fashion catalog. 

A suede jacket is a great choice for days when you feel like dressing up extra. It’s trendier and more stylish than the other plain old jackets. Furthermore, It can help you create snazzy and beautiful outfits for parties, evening events, and formal get-togethers. 

Field Jacket

A field jacket is most famous for its multiple pockets and unique style. It is one of the most elegant and stylish types of jackets that not only provides function but also style. The field jacket was introduced as a protection against water and wind.

The ideal blend of nylon and cotton makes it water and cold-resistant. That means you can style it with whatever clothes you want and in any weather. Not even rain or a storm will damage this jacket. Since we never know when we might need to walk through a storm, it is best to keep one of the jackets on your coat hanger by the door. 

The Bottom Line

Sweaters and coats are winter essentials to keep us heated and away from the cold. But jackets are essential because they are fashionable clothing. You can style one jacket in various ways and with various outfits. So, it’s best to own a few different types of jackets and go wild with all the outfits you can create! 

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