Traditional Indian Jewellery in the USA: Styles and Designs Guide

With its elaborate patterns and colourful history, traditional Indian jewellery in the USA has captured the imagination of people not just in India but also in the United States, winningVummidi Bangaru Jewellers over many people’s hearts. This book offers a look into the rich cultural fabric of India by examining the many traditional Indian jewellery styles and patterns that have crossed international boundaries. This essay will teach you what to look for and where to discover these wonderful items in the USA, whether you are an experienced jeweller or a novice keen to learn more.

The Charm of Indian Jewellery

Indian jewellery is a story of workmanship passed down through the years, not merely a piece of wearing art. It captures the customs, religious meaning, and distinctive regional style of India’s multifarious culture. This jewellery appeals to both Indians and non-Indians in the USA, where it is prized for its exquisite craftsmanship and beauty.

Indian jewellery is more than just a wearable work of art; it tells a tale of craftsmanship that has been passed down through the years. It embodies the many customs, religious significance, and unique regional style of India. The exceptional craftsmanship and beauty of this jewellery make it appealing to both Indians and non-Indians in the USA.

5 Key Styles of Indian Jewellery

1. Kundan Jewellery

Kundan jewellery is known for its exquisite purity and comes from the royal palaces of Gujarat and Rajasthan. It entails placing valuable stones and expertly crafted uncut diamonds in gold. The exquisite layering and the way light plays off the diamonds are what make Kundan jewellery so beautiful. Kundan necklaces and earrings are a popular option for people who want to give a royal touch to their clothing. They are perfect for weddings and formal parties.

2. Meenakari Jewellery

Meenakari is the process of applying vivid hues adorned with complex patterns on the surface of metal in order to colour and embellish it. The Mughals introduced this fashion to India, where it thrived under the Rajput monarchs. Meenakari jewellery is highly regarded in the USA for its adaptability and brightness, making it ideal for bringing a pop of colour to any ensemble.

3. Polki Jewellery

Similar to Kundan, polki jewellery is also crafted from uncut diamonds, but it focuses more attention on the stones themselves. Because the diamonds are not polished and maintain their raw, rustic brilliance, it creates a more earthy appearance. Polki sets are a popular option for weddings with a strong cultural component because of their genuine, antique look.

4. Jadau Jewellery

Using the jadau process, precious and semi-precious stones are embedded in a gold mould that is subsequently gently heated to set the stones. This labor-intensive, highly skilled method frequently produces items that are sumptuous and luxurious. Jadau items are highly sought after in the USA for important occasions and as heirlooms.

5. Temple Jewellery

Originally created to adorn the idols of gods and goddesses in temples, Temple jewellery is now worn by women during religious ceremonies and weddings. It is characterized by motifs of gods, goddesses, and sacred animals in gold and embedded with precious stones. For those in the USA, Temple jewellery offers a connection to spiritual roots and is often chosen for its deep cultural significance.

Where to Find Indian Jewellery in the USA

In the USA, Indian jewellery can be found in various specialty boutiques and stores in areas with large Indian communities, such as New York, New Jersey, California, and Texas. These pieces are also increasingly available online, with retailers offering a wide range of options from authentic traditional pieces to more modern adaptations.

Care and Maintenance of Indian Jewellery

Indian jewellery, particularly the kind made with precious metals and stones, requires careful handling and storage. Always store your jewellery in a soft-lined box, away from direct sunlight and moisture. Regular cleaning with a soft cloth and occasional professional maintenance will keep your jewellery looking as brilliant as the day you bought it.


In the United States, traditional Indian jewellery not only graces the body but also acts as a cultural link, presenting India’s rich legacy. Every type of Indian jewellery has a unique history and innate beauty that stands the test of time, whether you select a Kundan set for its regal charm or a vibrant Meenakari item to liven up your outfit. Exploring these traditional patterns provides aficionados in the USA with a special means of connecting with the creativity and history of India, resulting in each item being a priceless addition to their collection. Whether purchased for oneself or as a heartfelt present, traditional Indian jewellery has an enduring and profound appeal.

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