Lightweight Fabrics and Cool Styles for Summer Suiting

Whether attending your 6,491st wedding or needing to dress up in balmy weather, a lightweight suit can keep you cool and still look refined. The key is to choose a garment-dyed, half-canvassed, single-breasted silhouette.

Cotton, linen, and seersucker are also great picks. The open weaves allow heat to escape and air to flow while looking sophisticated.


Regarding summer suits and collections such as the Adam Kimmel fashion, cotton is the lightest option by far. This natural fabric breathes like a pro and is easy to clean. Avoid cotton suits in dark colors like navy or black, as these attract heat and look heavy on the skin. Instead, opt for lighter shades like stone, soft blues, or even pink (although this can be too much for some).

While cotton is breathable, it holds moisture, so it’s best to choose a suit with a half-lining in the jacket and no lining on the trousers – this will allow air to circulate and keep you cool.

Another natural, breathable option is linen, made from flax and tailor-made for warm weather. It has a visible weave and is very lightweight, but it wrinkles, so look for a suit that’s been garment-dyed or treated to reduce wrinkling. Linen is also ideal for casual settings, like a laid-back, creative meeting or watch-the-sunrise-from-the-dinner-booth night out.


If there’s ever a time to embrace the linen suit, it’s summer. This breathable, lightweight fabric wicks sweat away and is cool. It does tend to crumple more than cotton, but the wrinkles add a stylish, unique look.

While black might be a classic choice for cooler weather, pale shades provide more breathability. Light blue is our top pick and pairs well with various accessories. Consider a patterned tie or bright socks if you want to go bolder.

Linen waistcoats are also a smart and breezily stylish addition to any outfit. Wear one with your blazer open, a shirt and tie, or even a tee for the ultimate weekend casual. If you keep it buttoned up, choose a longer style like this navy and white linen waistcoat from Seed Heritage. Pair it with sneakers for a louche take on summer suiting or strappy sandals for a night out.

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In a suit, the fabric is key to comfort in hot weather. Look for fabrics that allow maximum breathability, creating pockets of cool air and reflecting the sun’s heat rather than absorbing it. Linen is one of the best options, with an open weave that lets your body’s heat escape while filtering in the fresh air. It can wrinkle easily, but the crinkled texture is part of the appeal of a summer suit and can be embraced for a studied sprezzatura look.

Wool is another good option for summer suits — especially when it’s light enough (about 7.5 ounces) and has a tropical weave. It’s warmer than linen but still provides comfortable wear in sweltering temperatures. A black wool suit paired with a white shirt, a black bowtie, and freshly shined black shoes can work as a semi-formal outfit.


A close cousin to denim, chambray is an extremely light fabric that can dress up a casual outfit or breathe new life into a suit. Unlike denim, which has a diagonal twill weave, chambray is a plain-woven cotton fabric with a colored warp (the vertical yarn) and white or ecru weft. It’s typically woven in indigo shades of blue but can also be made in other colors.

As a lightweight fabric that doesn’t require lining, it’s perfect for warm-weather suits. It’s also easy to pair with casual pants or khaki trousers for a summery look appropriate for most workplaces. A chambray suit is a must-have for men who want to up their style game during the summer. You can pair it with a seersucker shirt or a linen tie for an ideal work-polished look.

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