Get Ready For Mardi Gras With The Following Outfit Ideas

The Mardi Gras Festival is near! Here is a guide in case you are looking for a perfect outfit for the celebration. Both locals and tourists all over the world are excited to join the event, especially the parade and night parties. It will be a fun experience to attend Mardi Gras and the alongside events with your families and friends. Choosing clothes that are comfortable to wear at the same time will make you stand out in the crowd because that is how this festival works.

First, book a tour package months before the festival to reserve your spot. Munich is expecting a lot of visitors this year so it is crucial to find a hotel room earlier. Buying Mardi Gras outfits is possible either online or in physical stores, in fact, there are plenty of choices in the location itself.

If you are searching for ideas of how you should be dressed, it is essential to know dresses and accessories suitable for the event.  It is a once-in-a-lifetime experience so you better look elegant to boost your confidence in meeting new friends.

Best Outfits For Mardi Gras Parade

The most exciting part of the event is the traditional parade wherein locals and tourists dress uniquely. Here is a rundown of tips on how to complete your look during the parade:

  1. Wear Breathable Fabrics

Since the parade is during daybreak, it is better to wear a breathable outfit not to compromise comfort. Walking on the street for several hours can make you feel hot and sweaty. Thus, covering yourself with materials that will keep you cool is highly recommended. It includes nylon and polyester clothing which dries easily once you are soaked with sweat.

  1. Find Comfortable Shoes

Expect a lot of walking when attending Mardi Gras to enjoy every moment. For instance, if you are going to the parade, wear shoes that will last longer against heat to better protect your feet. Avoid high heels so as not to get injured while walking and standing for a long time. That is why when packing your things, it is important to bring a sneaker and footwear ideal for parties. Make sure the pair of shoes match your outfit as a whole.

  1. Purchase a Mask

Mask is one of the popular fashions during Mardi Gras events. You can find one in any French market to complete your outfit. It comes with a variety of designs so pick which best suits your attire.

The purpose of wearing a mask as the parade begins is to catch the attention of float riders who are tossing something into the crowd. It also makes you feel like you belong to the locals even if you are just a foreigner. The mask will turn your overall outfit more colorful and livelier.

  1. Bring Layers

Wearing layers is necessary to protect yourself when there is a change in the weather. New Orleans experiences both hot and cold climates, and it varies from time to time. The weather during Mardi Gras is unpredictable and so a layer of clothing must be in your luggage in case needed. It is also easy to style to keep your outfit looking amazing with layers.

  1. Must Be Colorful

Mardi Gras has three significant colors, purple, gold, and green. Each one has a meaning in connection to the event. Such vibrant colors can make you the star of the party without even trying.

  1. Wear the Right Tie Color

A gentleman’s attire would be more flawless with a tie. It can indicate someone’s status wherein wearing a white tie is well-suited for debutantes. While guests from royal families must wear a black tie.

Outfits Not To Wear During Mardi Gras

To pack lightly is an advantage on your way to New Orleans. List down what to bring not to miss out on anything, including your OOTDs. Know the transportation requirements to avoid over luggage and to better organize your stuff.

Now that you can pack appropriate outfits for the event, below are the things you do not need to bring:

  • Umbrella

Umbrellas can be a great obstruction for others attending the parade. It is bulky and uncomfortable to carry anywhere you go because of the large crowd. The truth is, getting wet is part of the experience during the parade.

  • Bulky Winter Outfit

Bringing with you a winter outfit that is too heavy can take up so much space in your luggage. This can be avoided by wearing layers instead of huge outerwear. You can also opt for a jacket to keep yourself dry when the weather gets rough.

  • Heels

Enjoying the parade will require you to walk and jump for a full experience. It cannot be done while wearing high heels. You might hurt yourself and other attendees which can cause trouble along the way.

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Where to Buy Party Outfits?

Trying out Charismatico Dancewear will make you stand out during parties. They are elegant and comfortable to wear for Mardi Gras events. Each option is made of high-quality and colorful materials which are perfect for the occasion. You can bring one or two if you have a plan to change outfits. Getting the right size of the dress is vital for optimal comfort for long-wearing.

Final Thoughts

To summarize, Mardi Gras is versatile when it comes to outfit selection. It highlights traditional costumes that can be bought in stores. Make a checklist of the things you need to help you pack up effortlessly.

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