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Top 10 Stunning Ash Grey Hair Styles

Are you tired of keeping your hair in one monotonous way? Well, in that case these are the top 10 creative ways that you can style your ash grey hair now! From sleek ash grey buns, to braids, basic ponytail style to a formal look with ash grey hair, it’s now your turn to do it all effortlessly

What Is Ash Grey Hair Color?

Ash grey hair has momentously changed the fashion game just like acrylic nails and other contemporary styling trends. Ash grey hair color is a cool-toned neutral hair dye that has undertones of pink, violet and blue. As a result, your hair gains a shiny metallic look. The best part is that both men and women can opt for this color.

Hairstyles for Ash Grey Hair

Half up- Half Down Grey and Pink Hair

Part your hair into two unequal sections vertically with leaving more of your hair downwards. Make a little bun at the top or just pin your hair. Put some lose curls for the rest of your hair and you’re all good to go!

Ash Grey Braid

This style requires your hair-length to be lower than your shoulders at least. Divide your hair into three equal strands and overlap them; one onto the other.

Pixie ash hair

To get this hairstyle, you need to get a bob cut first and then bleach your hair and turn it in any shade of ash that you want.

Ashy Grey Bun

To create this hair look; all you must do is to put two drops of oil on your palm (just in case you have dry hair texture) and take your hair high just like you would for a high pony. Then roll your hair round in a bun and pin it or use a hair clip.

Braid with Bun

This hairstyle can be achieved by the girls who have hair long enough to be put into a braid and then be rounded into a low bun. You can give this look both formal and an informal look by adding a few decent hair accessories to it.

Sleek High Pony

A simple high pony would give a very fresh look to your ash grey hair. And any one of you can pull it off well as it does not require any technicalities. It can also be your go-to look for your office or any professional meetings.

Bob Ombre Hair

If you already have darker roots, then just get a light shade ombre at your hair length. And get yourself a bob cut. The best part about bob cuts is that they suit most of the face cuts and shapes.

Ash Loop Braids

These braids could be styles with hair that are longer in length and heavier in volume. All you need to do is divide your hair into 3-4 equal parts and loop them over one another in a repetitive pattern.

Indigo Grey Hair

Keep the apex hair section in your natural hair color and dye the rest of your hair into any shade of grey that suits your color tone. Or you can do it the other way by dyeing the apex hair section and keeping the rest in your natural hair color to get the indigo effect.

Wavy Ash Curls

You can use any technique to get wavy ash curls – flat straightener, a curler, or a roller.


There are various other ways you can style your ash grey hair, but you need to have adequate knowledge of your hair type so that you can select the hairstyle best suited to your face shape

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