Surprising Facts About Engagement Rings


Getting engaged is one of the best moments for every couple. The groom-to-be will do all things to impress their fiance, which includes picking the right engagement ring. Some would take full advantage of the internet to see inspiration and to buy the best ring for their partner. The market offers a wide range of ring choices but experts can help you shop for the most suitable one for your budget.

Out of curiosity, we searched for some facts about engagement rings. It is a type of jewelry that has significance over two persons in a deeper relationship.

Different Symbolisms of Engagement Rings

Wearing an engagement ring symbolizes a lot of things, such as:

  1. Commitment

When two people decide to be together for a lifetime, it requires getting married. Each partner must willingly devote themself to spend the rest years loving one another. It takes embracing the changes, no matter what, if you choose to pursue union.

The truth is that being committed to your partner begins before and during the engagement. This is why having an engagement ring signifies the roller-coaster journey of a certain couple. It will be a beautiful process until it unfolds a new chapter of life.

One thing to note is that staying in love is easy when great things occur. A committed partner won’t let the ship sink due to small matters. It always takes two to tango to survive any kind of relationship. Thus, when a couple wears an engagement ring, it comes with a dedication to keeping the relationship stronger day by day.

  1. Infinite Love

Engagement rings are circular for a solid reason. It simply means no beginning and no end that pertains to a relationship.

A person who chooses to love must release it dearly to another person without limit and hesitation. It is infinite and no one and nothing could hinder two persons united in love.  

  1. Relationship

Unlike other rings, an engagement ring is specifically made for couples planning to get married. It is not a mere promise ring with friends and colleagues but a symbol of a more intimate relationship. Besides, the ring is to be given at a very special point in life to seize the moment.

Why Engagement Rings Are Worn On The Left Finger?

Our Roman ancestors believed that the left finger has a vein called “vena amoris” that is connected to the human heart. This symbolizes love which makes it more practical to wear an engagement ring on the left finger. It represents a couple who loves each other deeply toward marriage.

Some countries permit wearing an engagement ring on the other side but the left finger is more traditional even in the U.S.

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Things to Consider When Looking For Engagement Rings

Buying an engagement ring requires the below factors:

  1. Budget

A sufficient budget is crucial to shop for a good engagement ring. It can be expensive but there are ways to save money.

Most jewelers won’t lower ring prices, however, you are free to negotiate. If not lucky enough, choose to buy a smaller carat stone to cut off your expenses. While some jewelers would sell a ring set that reduces cost compared to a single ring.

Nonetheless, it is worth every penny to purchase a ring beyond your budget.

  1. Material

The best materials for making engagement rings include metal, diamond, and gold. Each option differs in durability and elegance when the ring is worn. Select the ring material that matches your partner’s interest and style. Gold rings are a less expensive choice and also easy to maintain. The maintenance factor is vital for the ring to be fitted on the finger for a long time.

A diamond ring will likewise leave a better impression on your partner because of its glam. It is ideal for individuals with a budget. Buyers must consider four things when buying a diamond ring, such as the carat level, color, and cut.

  1. Style

You must know your partner very well to understand their personal preferences in pieces of jewelry. This will help you determine the ring style to buy. Asking families and friends can provide you with ideas but do not be caught up.

The ring shape also matters to impress your partner. It could be a heart-shape to show affection or an oval to make it simple. Again, it will depend on the personality of your partner.

Though an engagement ring is already sentimental despite how it looks, you can add up personal symbolism to it. Some manufacturers of engagement rings can customize a ring to make it more special. Among the best ideas is to design the ring with a birthstone or to resize an old ring that has a historic value.

  1. Size

It will be awkward to present the wrong size of a ring during a proposal. So, find ways to get your partner’s ring size. You can sneak in on its old rings or measure the ring finger without being noticed.

Final Words

To summarize, engagement rings are the most valuable jewelry a person can wear. It is very symbolic and holds a memory that you can treasure for a lifetime. Understanding its meanings will guide you to buy the engagement ring that denotes your love for your partner.

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