Ten Coolest Trends From Spring 2020 Fashion Week


With spring just around the corner, we’re seeing all sorts of fashion trends coming out. The spring 2020 fashion week has brought so many unique trends into the light that not only adored by young people but are also loved by mature people as well. From casual wear to formals, there is a trend for all. While we found all these trends to be wearable, a few were simply cooler than the rest.

Here are the ten coolest trends from spring 2020 fashion week:

1. White is the New Black

Do you remember when black was the dominant color in women’s clothing? This spring, the white is the new black since its more dominant now. The white tops have replaced the black ones. While white is nothing new to the fashion scene, these stunning designers have taken it up a notch with the evolution of the basic white shirt and adding to it multiple elements that make it a lot cooler.

The best part about these white tops is that they are perfect for everyone, be it young or old. From workplaces to schools, these white tops are perfect for every occasion.

2. Bringing Victorian Back

We all know about the oversized sleeves from the 18th century. This spring, designers have decided to bring them back to the scene. These Victorian oversized sleeves have been brilliantly incorporated into modern dresses, tops, and jumpsuits. Contemporary designs with a touch of Victorian style create a perfect mesh of both, casual as well as formal dressing.

The puffy sleeves allow your waist to look slimmer, complementing all sorts of figures. This style can be worn in soft colors for the bright daylight as well as with darker shades for the nighttime. And it suits both equally. So be it a morning meeting, or an evening party, these Victorian sleeves will work just right.

3. Feminine With a Touch Of Fierceness

The past few years have been all about women empowerment and equal rights for women. Hence this fashion season, most designers have incorporated this theme into their outfits. We got to see models slaying feminine dresses with chunky and fierce combat boots. This subtle yet impactful touch is perfect for all the women out there who aren’t afraid of putting their bold face on.

While the dresses and maxis perfectly bring out the girly side of you, the boots speak for themselves. They leave a bold impact that can be worn with any color of your choice. Furthermore, they are perfect for the light chilly weather in the fall and the snowy weather in the winter.

4. Leather Forever

All the fashionistas out there know for a fact that leather never goes out of fashion. In the Spring 2020 fashion weeks, we saw designers styling their models with long faux leather coats. While leather is perfect to be worn at any time of the year. However, faux leather is ideal for the spring. It not only keeps you in style but also warm in the subtle cold.

These leather coats are best worn in dark and bold colors. Black and red are the most popular colors among women in coats. While black is known for its bold impact, there is a study that proves people wearing red are perceived as being more successful. Which is all the more a reason to put on your red faux leather coat with your favorite boots and head out this spring season in style.

5. Bucket Hats

With the arrival of spring, the designers have introduced bucket hats to protect ourselves from the sun. These stylish bucket hats are introduced in soft pastel colors to cool off the heat from the sun and give an elegant look to any outfit you wear. The cool pastel colors will complement any skin tone and can be paired with stylish sandals.

6. Size It Up With Oversized Necklaces

Necklaces are the perfect accessory to complete the overall look. From formal suits to casual sundresses, necklaces are the perfect subtle touch to add to your outfit. In the Spring 2020 Fashion Week, designers took the subtle necklaces a notch higher, gracing the necks with glamorous oversized necklaces.

While these necklaces could be worn in various styles and material, but gold necklaces are simply a class apart. Oversized gold necklaces are the most popular trends this season and there isn’t any reason why it shouldn’t be. It is highly wearable and complements all sorts of outfits, making it easy to incorporate in your daily wear.

7. Buckle Up Your Shorts

Another trend that we saw in the spring 2020 fashion weeks was buckled up shorts. And we’re not talking about short shorts or the biker shorts. These were knee-length shorts, designed out of rich material and a subtle shine. While different designers styled them with different materials, leather was once again the designer’s favorite material to make the shorts look timeless and stylish.

But do these shorts go on their own? No, you pair them with your favorite belt, with a bold buckle and a muted top, and you’ve got the perfect outfit for the night. This street style is equally fashionable as it is comfortable to wear at any time of the day.

8. Prints all the Way

Wearing all-over print is a trend that we saw in men’s clothing line as well as in women’s clothing like the male as well as female clothing and one that we highly appreciate. The general rule is to wear one printed element and another plain one to even it out. But designers have shaken things up this spring and came up with the complete printed look.

From printed suits and pants to big floral printed dresses, we saw models covered in prints, and we loved every bit of it. While it’s a fun style to dress up with, it is definitely for those who dare to experiment with their looks. One may not be able to wear such a style to the office, but for parties and casual outings, these prints work just perfectly!

9. Lace it Up

Gone are the days when lace was just a part of your sleepwear. With the changing trends, the lacing has become the clothing. Designers have utilized lacework brilliantly this spring, putting together glamorous outfits that make you shine. From stunning dresses to stylish trousers, lacework has been used to put together all clothing elements.

There may be a lot of trends out there, but nothing matches white lacework designed into a beautiful top, paired with matching sandals and a bold black belt. The best part about this trend is that it works so well on its own, you do not need to worry about matching accessories.

10. Sheer it Out

Sheer blouses are not new to the fashion scene, and designers have made sure they don’t go out any time soon. From white sheer top to sheer dresses with bold colored bodysuits is what we saw. And we loved it. The sheer tops that we saw in this spring’s fashion weeks were nothing like the ones we’d seen before.

Unlike the sheer blouses that hit the fashion scene in the previous years, these outfits are considerably more wearable, to work as well as to parties or casual wear. Pair them with a bold piece of accessory and you have a look that speaks for itself.


These are just some of the trends that hit the fashion scene this spring. While these trends were the ones that we liked the most, there are several others that different people liked. Since fashion styles vary from person to person not everyone will like all the fashion trends. Hence, you have to adopt that style which suits you and your body type. Additionally, you have to wear clothes in which you feel comfortable. Adopting a fashion trend due to peer pressure is not a good idea. No matter what you decide to wear, remember the best trend is the one that you like the best.

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