Great Themes to Consider for Your 2024 Wedding

The Roaring Forties

The 1940s were a very special era, with spectacular custom wedding suits that take you back to WW2 days. Brogue shoes and lots of costume jewellery for the girls, with an Art Deco look; long flowing gowns and high heels. The wedding venue in Sydney or Melbourne would have all the decor to create a 1940s ambience, even the DJ can find some suitable rock and roll to bop the night away.

Country & Western

Rent a farmer’s barn for the weekend and decorate it suitably, while guests arrive wearing denim jeans and patterned cotton shirts. The best country music and lots of flowers, with a few BBQs for s sumptuous buffet. Definitely a summer wedding theme and if that’s your scene, why not?


If you are your bride-to-be are sci-fi buffs, this has to be the theme for you! Star Wars would be one idea, while Star Trek is another great theme that couples choose. We recommend sourcing an online supplier of specialised outfits and sending this to all guests, so they can design their own outfit. Regarding fixtures and fittings, talk to the event manager at your chosen venue and see what they have to offer. Click here to find out how to look like Star Wars Ashoka.

Beach Wedding

More and more Aussie couples are turning to a beach scene for their official union, with an arch decorated with flowers, everyone is barefoot and shorts and T-shirts are the order of the day. Everything from the flowers to the dance floor can be organised and you won’t have to worry about making a lot of noise if you are on a nice quiet beach. People love a beach wedding as everything is casual and with a lot of mozzie repellent, the stage is set for a serious night of partying!

Art Deco

A firm favourite for fashion lovers, there are many ways to create a 1920s ambience; inform all guests regarding dress code and expect to see tuxedos and evening gowns with lots of glitzy jewellery; a top wedding venue in Sydney would regularly host Art Deco weddings, so the location can easily be transformed on the big day and all you have to worry about is yourself!

Famous people

Guests are requested to come as someone well-known and some will look so real, you will think you have celebs at your bash. This really leaves all options open; one couple might come as Bonny & Clyde, there could be a Superman somewhere and maybe someone will look like Terminator 2.0. The costumes themselves provide so much fun and there has never been a dull party with this theme!

Whether you need a custom tailor or a special outfit rental business, you can find online solutions and with some careful planning, your wedding will be one that is remembered for all the right reasons.

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