Tips To Buy Navratri Special Dresses For Women Online

The season of nine nights of dance is here. There will be music and dance on all streets of Gujarat soon. We also love dressing up as much as we love playing Garba and dandiya. This is your cue to dress better and select Navratri dresses that help you stand out from the crowd this season of 2022.

Navratri not only means nine nights of celebrations. A distinct perspective also means nine different outfits and attires one can opt for. For most, it can be a moment of panic. But don’t worry, check out the Kreeva Navratri dresses, and you are already one step ahead of the crowd.

Tips To Buy Navratri Dress For Ladies Online

Picking up Navratri outfits is more like a skill. Understanding your body type, tone, and details that will suit you is essential. It is time for you to take a step back and analyse all the dressing mistakes you might have made while selecting an outfit. Check out some amazing tips that will up your navratri outfits game.

1.   Stepping out of your comfort zone

While selecting a Navratri lehenga choli this season, don’t always consider what you might be comfortable in. For instance, just because you have been wearing baggy clothes, all the while doesn’t mean you won’t look good in an A-line dress. Rather, consider what would look good on you.

You can always try out modern Navratri outfits to look good and trendy. Similarly, it is time to spice things up with your Navratri dresses this season and experiment with your look. Step out of your comfort zone and consider what would look good on you.

2.   Understand your body type

Picking the right Navratri lehenga is all about what goes well with your body type. If you have a pear-shaped body, pick a lehenga that hugs your waistline and will help you look slim. Alternatively, you can also choose to add a belt or simply add in a Kamar bandh to accentuate your waistline.

3.   Choose a colour that will go with your skin tone

Not all colours look good on every skin tone. It is important to accept the shade and tone of your skin. Selecting a lehenga that will complement your skin shade will make you look more elegant and classy.

4.   Select lehenga according to your height

While choosing a lehenga, it is important to keep your height in mind. This is because if your lehenga is too long, it can come to your feet while doing the Garba. If the lehenga is shorter, then there is a high chance that it can look a little weird.

If you cannot get a lehenga for your size, you can always get it customised. Or you can get the height altered via a local tailor. This will help you achieve a traditional Navratri look that suits you the best.

5.   Check the fitting of the blouse

The blouse is an important part of the Navratri dress. You can select the type of sleeves, the pattern on the back and the neckline that you want. However, it is essential to check the fitting of the blouse before purchasing one. You can check the fitting of the blouse by lifting your arms in the air. The blouse should not get uplifted when you are dancing.

Before finalising the blouse, it is also important to check the stitching. Look for any loose threads that might come out. It is always ideal to get it double-stitched. Next, check for the hooks and durability. It is common to have a wardrobe malfunction while dancing.

6.   Understand your level of comfort

Not everyone can be comfortable with a deep neckline blouse or a backless one. But you don’t need to wear something you are uncomfortable with. Select a blouse as per your level of comfort. You can always experiment with the colours, designs, and patterns.

If you love experimenting, you can go for three-fourths or full sleeves blouses. You can even opt for sarees for Navratri. You can drape the saree as a lehenga or pleat it and take it as a dupatta for some extra volume.

7.   Select the fabric wisely

While most lehenga cholis are available in cotton, there are plenty of other materials in the market. It is important to understand that you might be sweating a lot while doing the Garba. Sweating creates friction on your skin against the lehenga that you would be wearing. Hence, selecting the fabric that feels soft and comfortable to you is important.

8.   Pick the right prints

Prints are important details of the Navratri dresses. Most common traditional prints include peacocks, parrots, and elephants. One can also find floral prints on lehengas very commonly. However, it is important to determine the right print and the right size of the print.

Prints can either ruin or carry your entire outfit. If you have a heavy body, large-sized prints can make you look even bigger. Hence, you should go for small and delicate prints. It also goes the same for patchwork and embroideries.

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Special tip: Outfit for Dussehra

Dussehra outfits are often neglected while doing Navratri shopping. Of course, many get swamped with selecting a Navratri outfit and forget about Dussehra. This leads to a situation of panic and stress at the last minute.

To save this embarrassment, here is a gentle reminder to look for Dasara’s special dresses while doing Navratri shopping. You can always go in for a classic silk saree on this occasion. For a subtle look, you can opt for a heavy dress suit or an Anarkali.


When selecting a Navratri dress for women, it is not important to only look good. It is also essential to feel good and comfortable. At the end of the day, if you are not comfortable with what you are wearing, you might end up feeling self-conscious and would not be able to enjoy it. With the right outfit, you shall look nice and feel confident and happy about yourself. What better time to shop for Navratri than now? Look now for Navratri outfits online to get the best collection.

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