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Punjabi Suit Designs: Tips to buy the Most Trendy Shalwar Suit Online

Tradition Of Punjabi Salwar Suits

Being such a diverse country, you are bound to find gorgeous fashion garments in every part of India. And one such garment is the Punjabi dress. As apparent from the name, Punjabi suits hail from the vibrant and colorful Indian state of Punjab. It is a traditional form of an outfit worn by Punjabi women. Popularly known as salwar kameez, these suits are a favorite of women of all ages everywhere due to their style and comfort.

Talking about the origins, the gorgeous suit can be traced back to the Mughal times. From then till today, having undergone multiple changes, it has evolved into the stylish suit it is today. Now, it is a special outfit for women across India. Modern designers have adopted this traditional fashion garment to style it up to create some fabulous suits! Even the ever-evolving fashion trends have transformed these old beauties into a variety of new designs and styles. As a result, you can find Punjabi suits in many designs, like Anarkalis, palazzo style, etc.

Most Popular Types Of Punjabi Suit

The Traditional Punjabi Suit

Even after multiple alterations to the original Punjabi suit design, the traditional design still reigns supreme. It is incredibly comfortable and stylish to wear. This style is trendy in Punjab and Haryana, worn by women of all ages and sizes, ranging from college girls to older women. These suits are available in various styles and designs like prints, embroidery, patterns, etc. They are also available in many different fabrics.

Anarkali Style Punjabi Dress

An Anarkali-style Punjabi suit design has a long, flared top dress instead of the usual short style. These can be chosen for more fancy events like weddings or parties. Anarkalis have an exquisite look and look fabulous at any event you would go to. You can get the Anarkali embellished or embroidered to make it look even more stunning.

Punjabi Suit With Palazzo Pants

Even though Punjabi suits are traditionally worn with salwar kameez, you can opt for palazzo pants instead. These pants are incredibly trendy these days and available in various colours. The broad-legged look provides both comfort and style. This will help to level up your outfit and give it a modern look.

Punjabi Dress With Dhoti Suits

To go for an alternative and sophisticated look, ditch the traditional salwar kameez, and go for dhoti pants. This is the up-and-coming trend these days. It is worn by Bollywood actresses everywhere, and it always looks ravishing! So, choose dhoti pants in an appropriate colour and slay the look!

Punjabi Suits In Different Designs And Patterns

You can always make a Punjabi dress look more alluring by changing its design components. For example, adding shrugs or jackets makes the outfit look more elegant. You can choose a traditional short kurta or a stylish long kurta, like an Anarkali. For the pants, you can select classic salwar kameez suits, dhoti pants, palazzo pants, etc. As for the neckline, there can be many variations. You can choose a deep V neckline, a rounded neck, a boat neck, a rectangular neck, etc. Many women also prefer sleeveless kurtas to be worn with a Patiala jacket to achieve a cool, edgy look. Apart from all that, you can choose the kind of embroidery or embellishments you want to get on your kurta. This can range from simple embroidery to stone and mirror work. You can also experiment with the fabric of your kurta. Being such a popular fashion garment, these are available in various materials. Be it georgette, cotton, net, chiffon, etc.

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Indo-Western Punjabi Suits

The new style of the Punjabi suit design also features a Kurti with side and front slits! You can wear these fashionable Punjabi suits for any event. The churidar pyjama pants of this Punjabi suit typically include thread embroidery and may be seen through the front or side slits, giving the ensemble a sophisticated appearance. You can choose from various color options, including red, blue, purple, brown, pink, and orange, as well as neck patterns. Slit kurta Punjabi suits are the finest choice if you want to stand out from the crowd.


Having gotten all this information on this fashionable garment, it is time for you to buy one for yourself. Fabulous Punjabi suits can be found online for reasonable prices in various fabrics and designs.

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