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24 Different Types of Stockings | Pantyhose List


There are numerous stocking types and the reason is simple, everyone loves wearing hosiery. Stockings are available in a variety of forms, sizes, and shapes. Some of the stocking types include French stockings, bridal wedding stockings, silk stockings, thigh-high stockings, and many more.

In this article, we will cover almost all types of stockings.

History of stockings

Stockings have an ancient history since people wore them from 500 A.D. Stockings were invented to keep the body warm, and both men and women used to wear them. They also protect the legs from mosquito bites. In the 16th century, silk stockings pairs were presented to Queen Elizabeth and it became a fashion trend.

When British people migrated to America they bring knitting machines with them. They introduced different types of pantyhose. They used different materials like cotton, wool, nylon, and spandex to prepare hosiery for different seasons and occasions.

What are stockings

Stocking is full-length one-piece nylon hosiery. It also contains a tank top and covers the whole body from the neck to the toe. There are many types of stockings available. The purpose of the stocking is to provide warmth to the body. They also give a smooth appearance to your clothes removing underneath lines.

24 different types of stockings

Following is a list of 24 different types of stockings with names.

  1. Full body stockings

It is a perfect choice to wear on date night. Full-body stockings are embroidered undergarments from neck to toe. Once you take off your dress, you will look gorgeous in this type of pantyhose. You can also wear them under a low-cut dress. They are mostly available in black color.

  1. Silk stockings

It was the first stocking invented. Back in 1560, Queen Elizabeth was gifted with silk stockings. From that day, silk stocking was considered a luxury made for elegant women. Silk is a fabric that has a natural shine in it so the stockings make your legs eye-catching. However, since they are pricey not everyone can afford them in routine.

  1. Nylon stockings

Till 1940, most women used to wear cotton stockings which were not attractive and silk stockings which everyone could not afford. In 1939, nylon stockings were invented as an affordable alternative to silk stockings.

From that time till now, if someone wants to buy cheap pair of comfortable stockings nylon one should be their choice. Nylon stockings look gorgeous without showing much skin. When you are going to work or any casual meeting, you can wear nylon stockings on regular basis.

  1. Maternity stockings

Becoming a mother is not an easy job. especially in the second and third trimesters most of the clothes do not fit. Usual clothes feel uncomfortable due to belly bumps why not try maternity stockings?

Maternity stockings are made up of socks material, they are stretchable to accommodate the baby bum. The waist of maternity stockings is loose and does not put pressure on your stomach. The maternity stocking type is a blessing for those women who deal with varicose veins as it provides much relief.

  1. French stockings

These types of stockings are called French because they are extremely sexy. You can wear them on romantic evenings as they bring attractiveness and confidence to women. These types of pantyhose are revealing so you should better not wear them under a short dress.

  1. Bridal wedding stockings

A wedding is the most important day of a woman’s life. Even if you are wearing a full size down you should wear very sexy hosiery underneath. Silk or lace stockings look amazing with a wedding gown. Wear a stocking with white shade, cream, or off-white Ivory color as it will complement your dress.

They should be a little fancy if you are showing some legs since your wedding dress will be heavily embroidered so a pair decent of stockings will look elegant. Plain stocking will also not clash with the dress embroidery. The quality of the stalking should be excellent.

  1. Compression stockings

These stockings were made for medical purposes. Women who suffer from venous disorders mostly wear them. The tight stockings help in decreasing the diameter of distended veins. These stockings improve blood circulation in the legs.

Compression stockings prevent blood clot formation in the lower legs. If you have a problem with tired legs or ankle pains the stockings can provide you relief. Although these stocking types are for medical purposes that don’t mean you can’t get an attractive one.

You can buy neutral colors that can match every outfit. Compression stockings these days are available in multiple prints and colors so you can wear them for medical and fashion purposes.

  1. Printed stockings

Printed pantyhose types give a glamorous and youthful appearance. Whether it is a festive costume party or you want to add glamour to your usual look you can wear these stockings.

Printed stockings are available in a variety of colors and prints. They have prints like hearts, flowers, butterflies, and animal prints. A printed stocking with a single-color dress and shoes will look more decent.

  1. Polka dot stockings

Polka dot stockings give an attractive retro look. It brings a youthful girly appearance. You can wear these stockings with shorts or Mid-length dresses. These stockings give classy look especially when you are attending a dinner, lunch, or party.

Polka dot stockings are available in a variety of colors but most women only prefer black, white, or grey color. These colors give an elegant appearance. Stocking also has a variety of polka dot sizes. However, the stockings with this small polka dot size look the best.

  1. Rhinestone stockings

Rhinestone stockings give bold dazzling vibes. Small crystals make these stockings eye-catchy and draw attention to your legs. It is an excellent choice if you are going out at night for a clubbing, movie, or dinner date.

Rhinestone stockings are a great option for romantic nights when the light is dim. They are available in a variety of colors but most commonly women prefer wearing black rhinestone stockings.

  1. Striped stockings

Striped stockings give a unique appearance. Although they are available in a variety of colors, the most famous is the traditional black-and-white zebra pattern. it is a good choice, especially for young and teenage women.

  1. Thigh high stockings

Thigh-high stockings give a sexy and young look. These are the less formal type of stockings that attractively show off your legs. They do not cover your whole leg. These stockings are available in a variety of colors and prints.

  1. Undercover stockings

These stockings are thick from your butts and belly part. Does not require any belt and is comfortable to wear. While wearing a skin color, no one can guess that you are wearing a stocking. The upper part of this stocking is thick and the lower part is sheer.

  1. Transparent sheer stockings

These are the most delicate type of stockings. If you wear a skin color stocking it is hard to tell if you are wearing any or not. These types of stockings are transparent. They are available in a variety of colors and patterns. They are a good choice during the summer season.

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  1. Lace stockings

Lace stockings give you an attractive feminine look that draws the attention of everyone towards you. You can wear high heels with these stockings. Lace stocking type works excellently in every location whether a party or casual meet-up.

You can wear these stockings on your wedding day or date night. You can wear shorts or a long dress with them. They are available in many colors but black and white look the most attractive. These are gorgeous yet not much revealing.

  1. Glossy shiny stockings

If you want to draw the attention of everyone toward your legs then you should try glossy shiny stockings. They are available in several colors. The shine brings to your skin gives an irresistible look.

Due to the material and shiny appearance, they do not compliment casual outfits. You can wear glossy stockings while going to a party. It is your choice you can wear them in both a long or short dress.

  1. Fishnet stockings

To be very honest fishnet stockings will not provide you any warmth. They only give a hot and sexy look when you walk into the room.

The fishnet pattern is eye catchy which you can wear with miniskirts or short dresses. Most commonly women prefer wearing fishnet pantyhose type in black color but red and neutral colors also look amazing.

  1. Garter stockings

These stockings give a sensual and chic look. Garter stockings are unappreciated by women for centuries. these stockings are worn with a garter belt.

You can wear them with matching panties. These types of stockings cover your legs and leave a small part of your skin to give an attractive look.

  1. Open toed stockings

Sometimes hosiery becomes irritating especially when it covers your feet completely. Open-toe stockings work well if you have peep toe shoes. You do not have to worry about your pedicure while wearing open-toe stockings. These stockings are available in a variety of colors and prints.

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  1. Opaque stockings

People who live in cold regions should have a few pairs of opaque stockings. This fabric covers the whole skin and gives warmth. Opaque stockings are available in different thicknesses from 40-100 deniers.

You can wear the Opaque stockings with a Mid-length dress or a full dress. Since they are made up of thick fabrics they will not look good with miniskirts.

  1. Scrunched stockings

These stockings were invented when designers wanted to break the tradition of tight stockings. They are a loose and comfortable version of stockings that make legs look attractive. Scrunched stockings can make you’re ordinary look extraordinary. You can wear these with Mid Length dress.

  1. Seamed stockings

Seemed stockings are the best choice if you want to cover your legs but at the same time, you want to show some skin. Seemed stockings give a hot look. They are made up of flat nylon pieces.

  1. Mock suspender stockings

If you desire to look hot and sexy but you cannot wear the actual suspenders stockings then mock suspenders should be your preference. You do not need a suspender belt with these. It is a usual pair of thigh-high stockings with suspender material. They are a good choice for date nights and parties.

  1. Suspender stockings

You need a belt with suspender stockings to keep them in place. These stockings are elegant undergarments. If you are wearing a Mid-length dress no one would know about the belt. They are available in numerous colors and prints.

Bottom line

We hope that this article was helpful for you to choose among different types of stockings. To improve your look, you can wear stockings types according to the occasion, your dress, and seasons.

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