15 Unique Wedding Trends for 2023

A recent survey suggests that couples setting their sights on a wedding date in 2023 want something even less “traditional” than in years past. They hope to tie the knot and celebrate their union with a wedding, but they are interested in going only some out. Instead, engaged couples are doing what makes them happy rather than what they should do this year, a continuation of a trend that began last year.

Wedding locations in 2023 are more bohemian and outdoor, with many couples opting for gardens, farms, barns, and ranches. There will be a lot of burgundy, plum, emerald green, gold, and maroon at weddings this year. Moreover, many would-be newlyweds hope to have a small, private ceremony and save the grand display of devotion for the reception. If you are interested in weddings in the year 2023, here is a rundown of some fresh ideas.

Special Wedding Aisles

A long aisle provides a feeling of wonder and anticipation, preparing the way for a stunning and unforgettable wedding. For a more emotional and intimate wedding, modern brides go down the aisle alone and are joined halfway by their parents.

Ceremonies Held Privately

Numerous contemporary couples prefer to have a low-key ceremony and save the show of affection for their wedding reception. They wish to ease the anxiety of making such a significant declaration of love in front of hundreds of people.


Couples embrace creative color references through patterned fabrics, artwork, floral designs, and unique décor moments, showing they are not afraid of color. Bright, happy colors create a fun environment.

Grazing Tables

A grazing table is a collection of small plates and appetizers, similar to a charcuterie board but with more room for variety. One of the reasons grazing tables are so popular in the catering industry is that they help guests remember the importance of sharing a meal.

Snacks Served Late at Night

Late-night munchies are here to stay. They’ll be with a new spin this year. The kind of foods that couples love eating together on dates or while snuggling up to watch a movie at home is more likely to influence their choices. Therefore, the late-night menu becomes increasingly integral to the whole eating experience. This catering fad predicts the widespread consumption of fast food from restaurants like KFC, McDonald’s, and local food trucks during wedding receptions and other social gatherings for the newlywed couple.

Bridal Fashion Inspired by Grace Kelly

Even decades after her wedding, Grace Kelly’s wedding dress is still a source of inspiration. Nowadays, most brides want a more traditional wedding dress and many turn to Grace Kelly’s wedding gown as an example. Another popular style that has been growing in favor is the longest veil.

After-Parties Inspired by Speakeasy

Wedding planners began implementing this into after-parties to surprise and thrill guests while providing a fresh food and beverage experience. Secret doors leading to a private lounge area with a customized beverage station are a great way to break up the evening and get great after-party photos. The menu can include cocktails like gin rickey, Tom Collins, mojitos, and Hemingway daiquiris.

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Giant Cakes

The return of the large wedding cake is a welcome sign of the return of an endearing custom. So many newlyweds choose elaborate wedding cakes to match the extravagance of their reception settings. Adding a quirky cake topper is a great way to add more flair to a wedding cake.

Champagne Towers

Champagne towers were famous in 2022 and are still in style today. Couples like this as an entrance or even in place of the evening’s cake cutting. More than exploding bottles and pouring them together carelessly, this lovely aspect of the reception makes for beautiful pictures that capture the festive spirit.

Vegan Menus

For years, vegan options on wedding menus have been customary. However, more couples will devote their menu to vegan cuisine this year. According to experts, more mates are requesting a vegan menu since the dishes are so inventive and tasty. Also, they are asking to accommodate their guests’ dietary preferences with vegan choices.

Realistic Photos

The 2023 wedding trends will significantly impact photography styles. The most recent trend in wedding photography is to use natural light and candid shots. This style, often called “editorial” or “documentary,” avoids poses and focuses on flaws. Couples care less about having everything look perfect and more about having their photographers record the day with as little help or interruption as possible. Also, blur-motion photography, which shows motion, is likely to become more popular.

Fantastic Welcome Parties

Most couples now choose destination weddings that last a weekend and involve entertaining guests on Friday and Saturday nights. Gathering guests for a noon event, whether a classic field day, a private yacht dinner party or a beach soccer match followed by a BBQ lunch, has considerably enhanced destination wedding weekends. It works well as an icebreaker for people of all ages. From creative decorations to interactive activities, there are plenty of ways to make your wedding stand out from the crowd. In this guide, we will explore some of the most popular wedding trends for 2023 and provide helpful tips for newlyweds on how to make their day one-of-a-kind.

Bridesmaids in Mismatched Dresses

The days of matching bridesmaid dresses are long gone. Instead, it’s become standard practice for brides to have their bridesmaids wear a wide variety of dresses that don’t coordinate with one another in terms of style, fabric, or color. This trend allows for individual attention to each bridesmaid so that they receive clothing that makes them delighted.

Disposable Cameras

What was once out of date is now trendy. It used to be standard practice for newlyweds to provide guests with a disposable camera at their receptions. By 2023, disposable cameras will gain widespread acceptance. Film and photo production costs continue to rise, so many newlyweds opt to give disposable cameras to their guests instead.

Local Food Menu

This year, couples are looking for more local options. But this does not simply imply getting products from nearby farms. Couples also want to highlight what makes their wedding city, area, or state unique in terms of cuisine. This might include highlighting a specific ingredient found exclusively in that location or embracing the sort of food as a whole.

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