Say ‘I Do’ to These Wedding Trends for the Modern Couple

In the aftermath of post-pandemic social norms and shifting generational trends, wedding festivities remain an ever-optimistic affair. From the moment someone gets down on one knee and professes their love, each couple desires a beautiful wedding ceremony infused with intentional details and sentimental touches. 

The pandemic led countless couples to delay their weddings, which finally occurred in 2022. Continuing with this surge in demand, the wedding marketplace has cited new significant trends that are likely to take off this year. Brides and grooms are now focused on prioritizing online platforms to do most of their wedding planning (90%), which also includes setting up a registry for couples who’ve gotten engaged recently (84%). However, today it can also be upscaled to accommodate all sorts of things couples want in their future home, facilitated through a universal registry service like MyRegistry. Another trend that’s firmly in is outdoor weddings (72%) – also something fresh and new. 

The current craving for every couple is to customize wedding ceremonies to showcase one’s personality, particularly now when sustainable choices are here to stay. Certain trends may not return in – from picking a common theme, wedding hashtags, labeled merchandise, etc., as modern couples are focused on minimizing waste and avoiding excessive elements. So let’s look at some trends to consider in 2023 while considering the importance of reflecting a couple’s love and individuality.

Big-Impact Moments 

A wedding ceremony is the biggest celebration ever – and focusing on the small details can help you make stand-out moments that leave a lasting impression. Since it’s your ‘Big Day,’ take the time to find the perfect touches that feel ‘uniquely’ yours. From customized mason jars and handwritten note cards on tabletops to aisles filled with fresh green elements where modern couples can say ‘Cheers!’ – every playful yet thoughtful detail can be incorporated to make the festivities a grand celebration. Consider adding unique and unexpected touches like going for signature cocktails, interactive food stations, and adding worldwide cuisines. Pre-book all the required services and vendors, especially the ones that are rare and more in demand.

One Venue Over Two?

Having the perfect destination to host your friends and family comes on top of the wedding checklist, but modern couples can go one step further by choosing one venue over more. Having one space that can convert into different layouts to take the day ceremony into the evening means less hassle and a more fun time for everyone. Look for preferences that work with your priorities based on the guest list, tent sizes, distance/transportation, outdoor setting, and weather conditions. For a destination wedding, work with your planner to find the best layout that delivers the vision and incorporates all the small elements that make it extra special for you and your partner.

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Create a Universal Registry

Every couple knows the role and significance of a well-curated wedding registry. But modern couples understand how they can make the process easier and immensely personal to both partner’s liking. Instead of sweeping through endless ideas and creating a million different registries -, couples can create the ultimate wedding registry checklist using only one universal registry. It can outline all the favorite picks from different brands, a honeymoon cash fund, and some edibles from fresh food stores, and you can sync all other store registries into the same list – basically, everything under the sun, at your fingertips, can be added, customized, and tracked online. Perfect, isn’t it? 


Personalized Invites

Today, modern wedding trends are more infused with sentimental, intentional touches. And wedding invitations need to make first impressions on your loved ones and set the tone for the rest of the celebrations. Whether you wish to go paperless and send digital invites or offer beautiful stationery to your guests to keep it ‘memorable,’ both ways, couples can experiment using recycled paper, unique graphics, or even a small animation of the couple to make it more fun and unique to the couple. And don’t forget, the invites must also provide necessary information such as an address, wedding itinerary, or a personalized link to your universal registry, if you’re unsure how to ask for money instead of wedding gifts. So start planning something special for your ceremony right away. 

Create Fun & Warm Experiences

To create a personal, distinctive experience for guests and loved ones, couples can incorporate small activities for friends and families outside the ceremonies to bond, and are perfect for breaking the ice. A photo booth may be a thing of the past, but a game of Giant Jenga or simple-old darts can be great to get everyone talking, laughing, and bonding through the festivities – and create major LOL or ROFL moments. If you wish to dare, you may include alcohol or keep it simple and cheerful. Other activities may include fortune-telling, painting stations, mini golf, or treasure hunts, including guests of all ages and competitive spirits.

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Final Suggestions 

Nothing is too much or too less regarding your wedding ceremony. It’s all about your preferences on how you wish to glam up and bring the idea of a seamless wedding ceremony. You can choose from as many simple vibes or more dramatic and fun. So plan your venue (maybe a destination one), select your favorite theme, and add stunning details to the decor to cherish a memory forever. It’s your day; make it count!

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