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What Color Cancels Out Purple Hair

What Color Cancels Out Purple Hair

When It comes to transforming your look, the first thing that pops into your head is hair colors!

Are you a hair lover who enjoys experimenting with trendy hair colors? But wait! What if your hair color experiment didn’t turn out as expected? Or perhaps you’ve grown tired of having purple hair and want a change? One of the super simple fixes is to cancel out the purple tones.

So, if you’re scratching your head, what color cancels out purple? Read on, we have Gotchu!

Say goodbye to the purple color and hello to a fresh, new look.

Understanding The Hair Color Wheel

We must understand how color theory works before moving straight to what color cancels out purple. The hair color wheel is a source for determining which colors cancel out which color.

Each color on the wheel has a relation with every other color. Look closely at the color wheel; colors opposite can cancel out each other.

Yellow color cancels out purple hair dye as per color wheel. In addition, Hair colorists use the hair color wheel to change the tone of a pre-existing color to give clients the exact hair color they desire.

What Color Cancels Out Purple Hair Color?

It depends on the shade of purple you already have on your hair.

The yellow color cancels out purple hair dye for dark purple with a more muscular purple tone.

Use orange to cancel it out for light purple with a bluer tone.

Once you have figured out the right color to cancel out purple, it’s time to choose between dye or toner.

I recommend you use a toner if you have much hair coloring experience. But if you’re not ready for that, no worries! Go for dye.

How do I remove purple from my hair? Continue reading. I will guide you through ways to cancel out a purple color.

How To Cancel Out Purple Using Hair Toner

Toner is the best choice to remove purple from hair. Be cautious; don’t leave toner in your hair too long. Also, avoid using excessive heat styling hair tools just after toning your hair to prevent hair damage.

So, let’s get started.


1. Yellow or Orange toner depending on your current purple hair tone.

2. Gloves

3. 20-Volume developer

4. Applicator brush


1. Shampoo your hair to remove any impurities.

2. Towel dry your hair until damp.

3. Take a plastic or glass bowl.

4. Mix the one-part yellow or orange toner with the two-part developer or as per instructions given within the product.

5. Section your hair using clips for even coverage. Comb until no knots remain.

6. Wear gloves. Apply the mix from root to ends on each section of hair.

7. Leave it for about 15-20 minutes.

8. Cleanse the toner out of your hair.

9. Follow up with moisturizing shampoo and conditioner to nourish hair.

Remember! Toner is not permanent. The results should last for 3-4 weeks. Use color-safe hair products to maintain your toned hair color for longer.

Beginner to hair coloring? No problem! The next option is primarily for You. Keep reading, and I’ll reveal you the way.

How To Cancel Out Purple Using Hair Dye

What cancels out purple? Hair Dye is the beginner-friendly answer you’ve been looking for. It is easy to use and won’t damage your beautiful hair.

All you need to know is what color purple your hair is right now so you can choose the best shade of dye.

DYE To Cancel Out Light Purple

Light colors give the best results to cancel out light purple. For light purple color, use ORANGE tones of dye. These dye colors have a secondary number 4, like Light brassy blonde 8.4, Very light brassy blonde 9.4, or Brassy blonde 7.4, Etc. Go for any dye shade with the number 4 you like best.

DYE To Cancel Out Dark Purple

Moreover, to cancel out dark purple from hair use GOLD or YELLOW dye tone. Use any dye with a secondary number 3 on your dark purple hair. The aim is to keep your hair at the same blackness level while removing purple hair dye. Go for hair dye like Dark blonde 6.3, Golden Brown 4.3, Light brown 5.3, etc, that looks flawless on You.

You’ve picked the dye you love to get purple out of hair. What are you waiting for? Just apply it to your hair. But remember to read and follow the instructions that come with your dye.

Remember! Start with your hair’s middle and ends and then go for roots. Also, please don’t leave it on your hair longer than they say.

Lastly, for touch-ups in about 4 to 5 weeks (depending on how often you bathe your hair), Stick with the same color dye with the same tone. High-five! No more purple hair!

Will Dark Brown Hair Dye Cover Purple?

Do you want to go from purple to brown hair? Pick the best brown hair dye to cover purple.

Of course, visiting a salon can be super quick, but it can also be pricey. But don’t worry, that’s not your only choice. You can chat with your hair expert for tips on getting that flawless brown look without harming your hair. Then, you can easily do it yourself at home by using that hair dye and transforming your hair from purple to brown hair.

In addition, wait at least a week after getting purple hair so that the purple color fades out and the brown hair dye can be appropriately applied.

Applying ash brown over purple hair is not a suitable option. Instead, choose a warmer brown color if you don’t want your dark purple hair to turn green-gray. If you are inexperienced, it is best to do a test on a strand of hair rather than the entire head.

Don’t freak out! Because the hair color changes to green rather than brown after about 5 minutes. Leave it for 25 minutes, and the brown color appears. If you get a good result after the strand test, go for the whole head.

What Color Cancels Out Purple Without Bleach

Not all colors give the desired results if you’re skipping the bleach. Choosing the right color is the secret to dye your hair without bleaching, and it depends on the undertone of your hair.

Moreover, some other methods can help remove purple hair dye without bleach, like

• Using clarifying shampoo to wash hair.

• Apply color remover, which doesn’t contain bleach, to cancel out purple.

• Mix vitamin C into your shampoo.

• Use dishwashing liquid to get purple out of hair.

• And baking soda or ceramides with regular shampoo, etc.

Final Words

Yellow and orange cancel out purple depending on the purple color you already have on your hair. Use toner to remove purple from hair, but if you are new to hair color, go for hair dye.

Your search for ‘What Color Cancels Out Purple? It ends here; let’s say a colorful goodbye to purple!

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