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What Goes With Grey Sweatpants?

Nothing compares to the coziness of a pair of sweatpants or joggers. Many folks wear sweatpants when exercising or just lounging around the house. However, men and women both occasionally wonder what to pair it with. So, what goes with grey sweatpants?

If you want to look stylish, you must know how to style them in order to avoid looking sloppy properly.

In this blog post, we’ll show you how to style grey sweatpants, including which shirt and hoodie colors go best with them. You’ll quickly achieve an effortless sports look.

What Color Goes With Grey Sweatpants

Grey and Black

Black and grey go well together. For instance, wearing a black T-shirt while working out in the gym or running outside would look great. Similarly, a black jacket, particularly with a white T-shirt, offers a laid-back or street-ready appearance that you wouldn’t be out of place wearing to your neighborhood supermarket or coffee shop.

Consider wearing a black shirt or sweatshirt with a pair of grey joggers for a relaxed day out with friends and family. You get extra points if you add a new haircut or a watch that matches and is in a neutral color.

Black at the top and grey at the bottom create a striking contrast that makes you look confident, appealing, and crisp, whether you’re a man or a woman.

Grey on Grey: Is It A Good Idea?

You might be wondering if you can wear grey T-shirts or jackets with your grey sweatpants when dressing them. In actuality, you should attempt to avoid grey on grey. Generally speaking, it appears too monochrome and will negate any style points you have already earned. However, some shades of grey might look very chic with grey sweatpants. All you need to do is make sure the greyscales are slightly different.

For instance, if you have a pair of light grey sweatpants, you may match them with a darker grey shirt to maintain some color contrast in your outfit while achieving the monochromatic appearance you’re going for.

Grey Sweatpants with Other Colors

It would be best if you styled your grey sweatpants with various colors aside from grey and black. Since your grey sweatpants are already very manly and neutral, feel free to be a little more colorful with your T-shirts, jackets (or other items).

Grey and Navy Blue

Grey and blue go together naturally; therefore, blue is a great color to wear with grey sweatpants. Like this choice from Vintage 1946, you might consider wearing your favorite blue Henley shirt with grey sweatpants.

Grey joggers look best with a basic navy blue shirt, while a shirt with a little logo in the top left corner also works. You can choose a long-sleeved shirt or a short-sleeved shirt for this outfit.

Navy blue and grey go together well regardless of whether you dress formally or casually for work. Choose sweatpants in a lighter grey shade to contrast with navy blue.

Wearing grey sweatpants with a navy blue sweater will give you a semi-casual and semi-formal appearance, while navy blue athletic shirts work better for a sporty appearance.

Grey and White

White is undoubtedly the shirt color that goes best with grey sweatpants. Consider wearing a white t-shirt or sweatshirt with white sneakers to match, perhaps one with a little logo.

A white t-shirt, grey joggers, and sneakers actually give off a casual vibe. It not only works well for hot summer days, but it also conveys a laid-back, accessible vibe to others. The minor finishing touches on the shoes add some freshness to the overall minimalism of the style.

A white shirt/hoodie and grey sweatpants are neutral colors that both men and women can wear. It’s a very adaptable appearance that can help you fit any occasion.

Grey and Burgundy

Did you know that burgundy (or maroon), while frequently paired with black, also works well with light grey? The combo does offer enough contrast for an effortless, laid-back style.

Wear light grey sweatpants, sometimes called dove grey, with a deep burgundy red shirt. Wearing a bright red shirt or hoodie is something you should avoid doing. You’ll appear to be a clown.

Burgundy and grey are some of the best color combos when appropriately used. In actuality, several shades of grey, such as light grey or charcoal grey, complement the deep color of burgundy.

The burgundy color gives warmth and richness, and the grey offers smoothness and serenity. You’ll look better with a pair of simple black shoes rather than white ones.

Graphic T-shirt

You may also try wearing a graphic t-shirt with grey sweatpants to show off your colorful side. The only rule you must follow is to avoid wearing an ensemble with too many colors.

You may, for instance, dress in a black or navy t-shirt with white writing. Another option is to wear a plain white T-shirt with a tiny red and blue logo on the left front.

You don’t want to go out in your grey sweatpants or joggers and a green T-shirt with yellow text and blue graphics. You’ll appear to have paint all over you.

Hoodies are the same way. Choose a simple, neutral-colored outfit, whether you don a cozy sweatshirt or a running jacket. You don’t want to “pop” in the wrong way.

Consider purchasing a sports brand’s graphic t-shirt. Most athletic shirts include simple graphics in one or two color schemes. Those athletic T-shirts look great with the grey sweatpants.

Grey Sweatpants Plus Workout Wear

It would be best if you thought about styling your grey sweatpants with other workout apparel since sweatpants are, almost by definition, workout articles. When lifting, for instance, put on grey sweatpants, a white tank top, or whatever other exercise clothing comes to mind.

Think about wearing your sweatpants with a moisture-wicking, breathable exercise shirt or tank top for the best comfort and mobility during your workout. You can complete the look with contemporary shoes and other accessories. Grey sweatpants can be used as an adaptable base for your sports wardrobe, whether you’re lifting weights or going for a run.

Sweatpants with Scarves and Hats

You can also accessorize your grey sweatpants with hats and scarves. A scarf instantly improves your appearance. To stay warm throughout the winter, always use a wool scarf. Choose one that matches your grey sweatpants, such as one of the colors mentioned earlier.

Beanies are the ideal hat for winter if you wish to wear one. While they’re casual, just like your sweatpants, they do a terrific job keeping your head warm and giving your ensemble a bit more thought-out and put together. Of course, in the spring and summer, you could quickly get away with a white T-shirt and a baseball cap with your favorite team’s logo.

What Color Shoes Go With Grey Sweatpants

Grey sweatpants are a flexible and cozy wardrobe essential for everyday, casual wear. Sneakers are a stylish and helpful choice when choosing the appropriate footwear to go with them. Your grey sweatpants can look better overall if you choose stylish leather sneakers in simple tones like white, black, or grey. This outfit mixes sporty and fashionable, making it appropriate for various settings, including running errands and hanging out with friends. Consider rolling up the cuffs of your sweatpants during the warmer seasons for a more casual and fashionable appearance that is ideal for an athleisure-inspired combination.

Wrapping Up

You are now aware of what to pair with grey sweatpants. You may create a casual, laid-back, approachable style by wearing grey sweatpants with a white, black, navy blue, or burgundy hoodie and shirt. Try wearing a graphic T-shirt as well.

Ultimately, you can wear your grey sweatpants with almost anything. But keep the suggestions mentioned earlier in mind if you want to look put-together while simultaneously keeping things casual.

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