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What is a Promise Ring? | Everything You Need to Know About Promise Ring

What is a promise ring

People are mostly confused about the difference between promise rings, commitment rings, pre-engagement rings for couples, engagement rings for couples, wedding rings for couples, purity rings, and many more.

You may have heard about couple wedding rings but what are promise rings for couples, what is a promise ring, what is the purpose of a promise ring, the importance of a promise ring, how you can select the best promise rings, and what are the drawbacks of a promise ring. There are many questions, but this article will answer all your queries about a promise ring.

What is a promise ring?

A promise ring is given from one person to another during their relationship period. This ring is a symbol of commitment and devotion toward the other person. Mostly after giving a promise ring the couple plan engagement. At the same time, it is not necessary that after a promise ring the couple will get engaged or married.

A promise ring is only a sign of love and devotion towards your partner. It is not an official announcement of a relationship such as an engagement or marriage. When a person accepts a promise ring it means they also sincerely love the other person.

Where to get a promise ring?

You can find a promise ring at the local jewelry store. There is no specific design or shape of the promise ring. Most jewelry stores have amazing promise rings. You can select a promise ring for your loved one according to your preference. However, if you desire to buy a unique and best promise for your partner then you should search a little more. You can look at other stores as well or you can hunt for a promise ring online. There are many brands such as Etsy, Blue Nile, Gemist, and Zales who have a gorgeous range of promise rings.

What’s the point of a promise ring?

The meaning of a promise ring can vary based on a purpose intention or emotions. For example, a promise ring can be a sign of love and devotion to someone. It can be a sign of commitment to another. Someone might give a promise ring to their partner as a hint of engagement or marriage in the coming time. Only the emotions of a person can decide the meaning of a promise ring. Most of the time a promise ring means

  • A promise ring can be a sign of progress in your relationship. It is a way to show how important you mean to your partner.
  • You love your partner with complete sincerity but still, you feel that it is very early for the engagement or wedding. Therefore, you want to commit with a promise ring.
  • You are in a long-distance relationship and you want to show your love and devotion to your partner with a promise ring. It is a sign of commitment to each other.
  • A promise ring can mean anything to you and your partner. It may be love, devotion, or appreciation in your relationship. It may also be a sign of care for your partner.

If you desire your promise ring to have a special message in it, you can also engrave it on the ring. By doing this, you will always remember the promise and commitment you and your partner made to each other.

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Significance of a promise ring

The concept of a promise ring has been evolving for hundreds of years. Even in ancient times, people used to wear promise rings as a symbol of loyalty and devotion to their partners. While dating in the 16th century, people used to wear promise rings of different precious stones such as diamond promise rings, Ruby promise rings, emerald promise rings, and Topaz promise rings.

In the recent Era, promise rings have become a mainstream trend. While in a relationship, people present promise rings to their partner as a symbol of commitment and loyalty. Thanks to celebrities such as the Jonas Brothers, Miley Cyrus, and Liam Hemsworth, the trend of promise rings are becoming even more popular.

The Buying Guide

Following are a few tips you must keep in mind while buying a promise ring.

How much should a promise ring cost

Similar to engagement and wedding rings, there is no specific boundary that decides how much you should spend on a promise ring. It is your financial situation and personal choice how much you want to spend on the promise ring. You can buy a simple elegant promise ring made up of gold or sterling silver for a few hundred dollars. Or you can buy a promise ring made up of diamonds and other gemstones for several thousand dollars.

The cost of a promise ring depends on the purity of gold and other stone studs to it. Most of the people who buy promise rings are youngsters, therefore, the price of a promise ring is not much high. Compared to wedding and engagement rings, promise rings are cheaper. You can save some money if you select lab-grown diamonds.

Choose the Metal and Stone

Promise rings are available in metals and stones. The cost of a promise ring also varies according to the material. You can select the metal and Stone according to your choice. You can buy a gold, white gold, or silver promise ring. You can also buy different types of stoned rings like diamonds, Ruby, Emerald, Topaz, sapphires, and many more.

Select Ring Setting

Everyone has different finger sizes, according to the size of your partner you will select the promise ring. If you are planning a surprise for your partner then you can take his or her ring for the size measurement.

Why promise rings are bad

Due to the following reason, people consider promise rings bad

  • Some people consider the promise ring a burden and they freak out due to the responsibility of wearing it permanently.
  • According to some people, a promise ring is a stupid idea. Since it is not a commitment.
  • It is not a pre-engagement ring, so some people might get hurt if they considered it a pre-engagement ring.
  • After receiving a promise ring, your partner might have high hopes for you, which can lead to a breakup in the future.

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Reason for a promise ring

Promise rings for him or promise rings for her are a symbol of commitment, love, devotion, and loyalty to your partner. Although it is not a serious commitment like an engagement or wedding. But by giving a promise ring you are taking your relationship to the next level.

It is up to you how serious you are about your relationship. A promise ring is a symbol of love, care, sincerity, loyalty, and a hint about getting engaged. It can also be an appreciation for your long-term relationship. Every person has their meaning for a promise ring.

Final thought

We hope that from this article, you have got precise knowledge about what is a promise ring and what is its purpose. Many people still don’t believe in the promise ring. According to them, it is not a serious commitment such as an engagement or wedding. For those people who are in the early stage of their relationship, a promise ring is a good idea, you show your love and devotion towards your partner.

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