What is Brow Lamination Need To Know About

What is Brow Lamination and Tint?

Brow Lamination is a process to make your brows enhanced and bold. Brow Lamination is the same procedure as lash lift where various chemical solutions are used to lift your brows and move them in any direction you desire. This procedure is tailor-made according to your style and stays for several weeks. They often use brow tint to make your eyebrows appear luscious and vibrant.

How to remove tint after brow lamination?

  1. You can use a makeup toner to remove the excess tint from your brow with just a few swipes.
  2. You can use a clarifying shampoo with warm water. For this method, massage your brows for a few minutes. Then, wait for 2 minutes and rinse it with water. Repeat the process according to need.
  3. You can use an oil-based or silicon-based makeup remover. With the help of a cotton pad you can remove the excess tint of your brows within a few strikes.
  4. If you don’t have a silicon-based makeup remover or clarifying shampoo you can remove tint with the help of baking soda too.

Brow lamination benefits

Brow Lamination provides users with the desired shape for their brows. It’s a pain-free process. The hair of your eyebrows is lifted with chemicals and shaped within a frame that suits the cut of your face. It’s a cost-effective procedure that lasts around a few couples of months and requires minimal aftercare.

Brow lamination process


A consultation will be given to you by a professional brow expert that will help you to select the appropriate shape for your brows with the help of brow mapping. This would ensure that the brow shape you’re proceeding with is the best fit for your individual face.

Lifting solution:

The brow expert will cleanse your eyebrows as the first step. Then, they will apply the chemical solution on the brows that will target the roots and tips of the brows. Later, they will use the brow fix techniques to place the brows in an upward position. This will help the brow expert to exceed their efforts in making your eyebrows on fleek.


Tinting is done to enhance your brow or to make any color changes to your brows. Here, a form of the dye-like chemical is applied to your eyebrows which leaves color behind after removal.

Neutralizing solution:

A neutralization solution is applied to the brows. It is kept for certain period of time according to the condition of your hair. The neutralizer breakdowns the keratin bond in brows so that your hair can keep its new shape.

Trimming and cutting:

The chemical is then swiped and glue is applied to the brows. Then brows are set in an upward position and then brows are trimmed and shaped by the expert according to the desired shape.

Nourishing treatment:

Then, to prevent any skin irritation or hair dryness oil is applied to your brows that will help to nourish them to avoid damage caused by the chemicals during brow lamination.

Drying and setting:

Here, the person must keep their brows dry for the next 24 hours as it has gone through a chemical procedure.

Brow lamination aftercare

Avoid water:

The most crucial thing that you have to do is keep your eyebrows completely dry for 24 hours or even sometimes 48 hours as your brows have gone through several layers of chemicals. If you get your brows wet then there is a huge chance that your brows won’t stay in their ideal shape for a few months. Follow the instructions of your expert strictly.

Avoid makeup

Don’t use makeup for the next 24 hours after your brows are done. We know it can be hard for you to keep it natural sometimes. However, avoid makeup at all costs as pores can be clogged since makeup can be oily. After brow lamination your brows are sensitive, give them some time to heal.

Avoid excessive sweating

Avoid any sort of activity like running or intense workout that can result in sweating. You can do these activities after certain days after your brow lamination.

Use a brow brush

Shape your brows with an eyebrow brush. If you spot any hair that needs to be brushed, brush it in the direction the hairs are growing. You can do this process twice a day.

Avoid excessive heat

Avoid going into the cooking area or outside in the sun as your skin is sensitive for the first 24- 48 hours.

Use gentle products

Try to dab your brow with a nourishing oil or brow conditioner every day. Moisturizing your brows after treatment is necessary. Use a conditioner with a cotton pad and dab it on your brows. If your brow expert didn’t give you any conditioner then use any nourishing oil like avocado, coconut, or castor oil. Dab brows with oil to keep your hair moisturized.

What is brow lamination cost?

The average cost of brow lamination is around 60$ – 110$ per session. Compared to any other brow procedure, this is the most cost-effective as it needs less time and materials. Still, it varies based on the providers asking the cost before doing your procedure.

How long does brow lamination last?

The procedure of brow lamination lasts from 4-6 weeks depending on how you take care of your brows. You can re-laminate your brows to maintain your brows for longer periods of time.

Micro blading vs. Brow lamination

Micro blading is a more permanent eyebrow transformation by cosmetic tattooing. Micro blading uses a blade tool with tiny, barely visible needles that create hair-like strokes along your brows into your skin. That results in a realistic-looking brow and stays for more than a year.

Brow Lamination is a process in which your brow expert uses a chemical solution and then sets the brows by trimming and shaping them according to the desired needs that result in a fuller and more defined result.

Therefore, both processes differ in terms of methods and results.

Is brow lamination worth it?

Eyebrow lamination may help deal with a variety of concerns. If your brows occur to be thin with age, gaps occurred due to over-waxing or over-plucking, or uneven shape naturally or due to any accident, this procedure can help to make your brows fuller and thicker and provide you satisfaction as it is cost-effective too.

Can I do brow lamination at home?

It is not safe to do brow lamination at home as it is a sensitive part of the face. Try not to do that at home as you are not an expert in this field and it is cost-effective too so take advice from a brow specialist before doing any experiment.


Brow Lamination is not a permanent procedure. Eyebrows do grow back, although how fast they grow depends totally on how you take care of your eyebrows. Be patient after the process and avoid waxing and plucking. Aftercare of brow lamination is very important. If you face any reaction on your brows, consult with your specialist.

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