3 Red, White, and Blue Gift Ideas For Your 4th!

We don’t normally think of the 4th of July as a gift-giving occasion.  It’s really more of a beer, BBQ, and pool party affair.  Still, everyone loves a thoughtful gift, even if small, and especially gifts that can be used and enjoyed for years to come.  With that in mind, here are a few small gift items that will warm their hearts and bring forth (pardon the pun) fun memories of that Independence Day you spent together. Independence Day is all about starting new traditions. While Freedom is the greatest gift of all, who doesn’t like stuff?

Gifts Of Ole Glory

There’s just something about our beautiful flag that makes us smile and think of fun summer days on the beach or by the pool.  We found a wide selection of shirts, hats, jewelry, and other small flag themed items ranging from $10 to $60.

In addition to the broad array of products to choose from, almost all are made right here in the good old US of A.  Our guess is that the shirt, hat, or other gift you deliver will be brought out for many more Independence Days to come and will also remind the recipient of your generosity and thoughtfulness. Check out to see the selection.  

Handmade Leather Belts

Few items are worn as regularly as a belt.  With office casual getting every more casual and the sustaining popularity of classic jeans, belts are almost always a part of our everyday ensemble. But, how often do you see a selection of red, white, and blue custom handmade leather belts? The belts you see below are found at and they’re priced under $100.

In addition to the deep rich luster & color of these leather beauties, they have a patented curved shape – a belt type that Embrazio has patented and perfected – that fits comfortably with the natural contours of the body to give a more slimming look and to eliminate “gapping” in the back.  We’re guessing the folks you give a belt to will never wear a straight belt again!  Hand finished through a 5 step process using beeswax this leather can be worn for years and just get better looking with age and wear.  In fact, the tagline on these handmade curved leather belts is, “so comfy you can’t take ‘em off!”

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Say It With Flowers

For the third gift idea, we look to the seemingly endless world of floral design.  Flowers always please and are most welcome by those hosting an event.   They’ll love you showing up with a gorgeous 4th of July-themed red, white, and blue bouquet.  If you go online, you’ll find many, many options to choose from but we particularly love this well-rounded variety curated by Telefora.

Just go to and search for the “America The Beautiful” arrangement. It retails for $47 to $64 depending on the size selected and you may even be able to find a coupon or two if you have time for further searching.  Even once the flowers are done, the vase will be used for years to come.

Even A Little Gift Goes A Long Way

So, instead of showing up to that 4th of July event empty handed, we hope you’ll browse through the gift ideas above and create the joy of delivering an unexpected gift.  It will make this year’s 4th of July an even more special celebration and you and even more special friend/relative. While there is no shortage of amazing America-themed gift ideas, we hope that the ones above can help make this a safe, healthy and generous fourth of July.

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