Why are Beards Sexually Attractive?

In a world where grooming trends come and go, one everlasting symbol of sexual attractiveness stands tall: the beard.

It’s no secret that women have a secret weakness for facial hair. The beard remains a never-ending sign of attraction that never goes out of style, continually appealing to women’s fascination. Women see men as responsible, manly, and attractive depending on what facial hair they have.

As, with so many beard styles to choose from and so many celebrities as inspiration, it’s not surprising that the number of bearded men is growing. About 55% of men globally sport facial hair.

Hey gentlemen, Forget love letters and grand gestures. If you really want to catch a woman’s eye, grow a beard and watch the magic happen. Wondering do women like beards? Or Are beards sexually attractive? Let’s find out why.

Why do women find beards attractive?

Women may find women find beards attractive for various reasons. Possible reasons are:

  1. Beards represent men’s strength and masculinity. Women may even believe that men with facial hair can protect them better. Beards usually represent manliness and can show that a man is grown up, powerful, and skilled.
  2. Some women may find men with beards more attractive because they associate beards with wisdom and maturity. These women are looking for a partner who is sophisticated, experienced, and intelligent.
  3. Beards show good grooming and attention to detail, appealing to women seeking a partner who takes care of themselves and cares about appearance.
  4. Beards add contrast and interest to a man’s face, making him more attractive to women.
  5. Women prefer men with high testosterone levels like a beard, tall height, and muscles.

Do Women Like Men with Beards

Men might love facial hair, but do women really like beards? More research and evidence have been conducted about the topic than you might think, and it seems that males are sporting facial hair more frequently than before.

Let’s see if science agrees with this common idea are beards attractive?

In 2008 a study by Neave et al., the researchers edited men’s faces using an application called “FACES” to give them different types of beardedness, including clean-shaven, light stubble, heavy stubble, light beard, and a full beard.

The scientists displayed these modified images to 60 females with different attributes. In other words, a diverse group of women who hold various expectations and viewpoints.

The results of the study found that as the amount of facial hair increased judgments of masculinity, aggression, social maturity, and age increased. Overall attractiveness, however, didn’t stick to the same trend.

In contrast, the women found that males with light stubble were more appealing than those with heavy stubble, light beards, clean-shaven men, and with full beards.

Surprisingly enough, a recent about women’s ratings of men’s facial attractiveness – found somewhat similar results.

In 2016, the Journal of Evolutionary Biology conducted a study that aimed to uncover the significance of facial hair when it comes to women’s opinions of attractiveness. The findings were undeniable.

Research involving more than 8,500 women was conducted to evaluate the attractiveness of men based on their various facial hair lengths.

The women were shown images of men with various lengths of beard, including clean-shaven, light stubble, full beard, and heavy stubble

According to the findings, women prefer men with beards.

The beard attractiveness graph above shows information from a study issued in 2016. The study found that women prefer beards and mustaches more than clean shaven.

Hence, found out that women attract to men with facial hair. They also think that they can have a long relationship with them.

In short, those with facial hair were deemed to be more appealing in general. It makes no difference what sort of facial hair you have. Statistics show that if you’re sporting something, women perceive you more favorably.

Do girls like mustaches?

Having a mustache or beard can magnify your chances of receiving more attractiveness from women.

Yes! Mustaches are attractive. Women love men with mustaches. Across the world, a mustache is generally preferred as a symbol of manliness, over the clean-shaven look!

As per a study, only 6.44% of females chose mustaches, while 43.27% picked a beard singly. Most women preferred a full facial coverup, with over 50 percent choosing a mustache and beard. Moustaches are attractive if not too bushy. This study shows that having a mustache solely might not make girls think you’re more handsome. If you want to impress them, you sport a beard as well.

Celebrities who look even better with a beard.

Let’s put science aside for a while and look at some clear real-life examples. Celebs are trendsetters. Always turning heads with their bold fashion picks.

Above all, one style transition that has doubtlessly been a game-changer for nearly all superstars is sporting the bearded look. In addition to enhancing their attractiveness, the beard also believes to be the secret to their booming careers.

Yes, that’s correct!

Keanu Reeves

Keanu Reeves as John Wick is the internet’s newest boyfriend, and his beard may have played a role. He’s settled into a stylish short beard that adds maturity and class to his appearance.

Prince Harry:

Prince Harry, the fifth in line to the throne of the British kingdom. He is the son of King Charles III and Diana. Prince Harry has a royal beard that flawlessly suits him.

David Beckham

David Beckham is a famous footballer with a refreshing fashion sense and irresistible features. He’s known for rocking different facial hair styles, but his stubble beard is his most iconic look.

He has a neat and full beard that has a small bit of hair below his lower lip, a thick mustache, and a line of hair down his chin that blends into his sideburns.

Really, the data does not lie. Beard is a man thing.

Sometimes, a style just isn’t complete without a grown beard. These celebs have rocked beards, and some have even made it their signature style. (Jason Momoa as Aquaman, anyone? I’m sorry Jason, but please keep the beard.)

Most Attractive Facial Hair Style for Women


Stubble indicates manliness and maturity, without the aggression of a full beard.

Most guys look fantastic in this style. For guys with patchier beards, it’s the ideal style since a shorter length makes a beard appear fuller.

According to a recent study, a man’s attractiveness reaches its best when his facial hair reaches the “heavy stubble” stage. Ten guys were photographed at four different phases of beard growth: clean-shaven, five days into “light” stubble, ten days into “heavy” stubble (pictured), and a full beard. The images were seen by 350 heterosexual women and 177 heterosexual males, who scored each face for beauty, masculinity, health, and parenting potential. Women prefer men with beards to be the most appealing and attractive.

The study showed that women see men with heavy stubble as less likely to want a serious relationship compared to men with full beards, but women still find them attractive. If you’re unsure about growing facial hair, this is a good place to start.

Patchy Beard:

If you are confused are patchy beards attractive? This is perfection! Some people think that facial hair is like makeup for men.

If you take good care of your patchy beard, it can still look attractive and tidy. Celebrities like Johnny Depp and James Franco are proudly growing beards that are not very thick and it looks really good.

Don’t be embarrassed about your patchy beard guys – let them grow for a manly and sexually attractive appearance


This is very traditional. Firstly, it’s extremely simple to go with. Also, it looks good on every face shape.

Do girls like goatees?  

Goatees look good on guys with patchy cheeks, but we suggest that younger guys avoid this style as it’s more suitable for older men. Women think men with a goatee look very cool and grown-up. Women love them a lot. Having a goatee means you are serious and determined to get what you want.

5 tricks to make your beards look attractive

All right, listen up, my friend! Rocking a beard is cool, but without proper grooming, you’ll end up resembling a lost caveman.

Fear not, I am here with 5 tricks to ensure your facial hair looks so good, even Tarzan would be jealous.

Wait calmly

If you want to grow a beard, don’t cut or shape it for 4-6 weeks. Every person’s beard grows at a different rate, but having a healthy lifestyle, eating well, and exercising can make the beard grow faster. Let your beard grow evenly before cutting it to fit your face.

Match beard to face shape

Find out what looks good on your face by doing some research. Choose a beard style that compliments your appearance. It’s better to ask a barber to help you choose a style that looks great with your face shape.


Remember, your beard deserves some tender moisturizing love too. Treat it to a nourishing beard oil or balm to keep that hair soft, shiny, and smelling like a million bucks. Trust me, the ladies won’t be able to resist the alluring scent of your well-moisturized face forest.

Clean it

When you feel itchy or irritated, taking good care of yourself can make it better. Begin by washing your facial hair frequently. Don’t use shampoos that contain sulfates or anything that can make your hair dry. If you’re not careful with your face’s sensitive skin, it can become itchy and burn.

Use a conditioning shampoo, cleansing conditioner, or baking soda to keep it clean. It’s a good idea to wash your beard when you wash your head to keep it clean.

Trim Regularly

This is a very important step when taking care of your beard. Trim your beard regularly so it doesn’t become too long and wild. Learn about the right time and method to cut your beard so that it looks neat and tidy.


About 65% of women prefer well-kept and defined beards to men, according to online statistics.

There’s no doubting the power of facial hair, based on several scientific research and real-world applications.  A full-on beard or simply stubble may work wonders when it comes to making the best impression on women.

Length doesn’t matter. Women like well-groomed beards. Guys have always believed that beards are the finest, and now we know that the vast majority of women agree! 

Now you may think twice before reaching for a razor. 

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