How to Secretly Measure Your Partner’s Ring Size

Congratulations! You’ve decided to pop the question and now you need to find the perfect ring for your partner. That includes finding the right size. Is your future spouse fond of surprises? It might seem impossible to keep something this exciting away from them, but if you consider these tips, you might be able to accurately guess their ring size and pull off an engagement they’ll never forget!

First, let’s talk a bit about what you should consider regarding rings and sizing. The most common ring sizes that women wear are either 6, 6.5, or 7. For men, it’s a 10, 10.5, or 11. So if all else fails, it couldn’t hurt to choose a size within that average span. It’s also important to err on the larger size. If you select a ring and it’s just a bit too large for your partner, most rings can be resized without issues, depending on the setting. Solitaire engagement rings are among the easiest to resize, so opting for a solitaire setting might make your life easier if you’re concerned with potentially resizing. Without further ado, here are some helpful tips on how to secretly measure your partner’s ring size!

Measure a Ring They Already Have

Check your partner’s jewelry box. Sort through their necklaces and earrings without leaving a trace. If they already have a ring or two they regularly wear, you’re in luck! This might be the most accurate way of measuring ring size without outright asking your partner. When they’re not wearing the ring – and not looking – take it and either measure it with a tape measure, a string, and a ruler or use a ring sizer for reference. You could also trace the ring on a piece of paper – be sure to carefully trace the inside and outside. If they wear all their rings daily and you can’t take one for a moment without being noticed, you could always offer to clean and polish it for them. Be sure not to invite suspicion and don’t be too obvious.

Ask Friends and Family Members – If They Can Keep a Secret!

Does your partner have a close sister or brother? Maybe your future mother-in-law would know their size? It might be useful to enlist some help. If your partner’s family knows their ring size, and if you’re willing to let them in on the secret, you could ask for their advice in selecting the best size. Their family members might even sport a similar size. It’s worth a shot, and their family might be able to offer some advice on creating a beautiful custom-made ring that your partner is guaranteed to love. At the very least, they can provide their opinion on what style ring your partner might prefer.

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Tie a Bow around Their Finger

This tactic requires a healthy dose of playfulness and solid acting skills. When you and your partner are alone and the time is right, take a string or bow and tie it around your partner’s finger. Make sure it’s their left ring finger, as there might be differences in the size of their hands. You should also be sure the bow isn’t tied too tight. This activity could be presented as a joke, but the main point is: don’t look suspicious! If you slide the string off their finger and mark where it was tied, you can measure the circumference of their finger with a ruler and grab their ring size that way.

Compare Fingers

This is another method that necessitates subtlety and isn’t as accurate as some of the other options. But if those won’t work, this will do in a pinch. Hold your partner’s hand and look at both of your fingers compared to one another. It might not seem like the best way to understand their size, but any information helps when speaking to a jeweler about purchasing an engagement ring. Is their ring finger around the size of your pinky or index finger? Is it noticeably smaller? Take note, and speak with an expert. They can take some of your observations into consideration and help you select the best size with the information you have.

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Get On One Knee

However you decide to ask your partner to marry you, the best part will be seeing the joy on their face. Keeping the secret may require a bit of work and ingenuity on your part, but it’ll be worth it once you have a perfect size and the most gorgeous ring. Once you’ve found the ring and successfully proposed it, you can take care of it as a keepsake and your partner will look back on your engagement as the best surprise of their life. Next, you’ll be looking for the wedding ring! Be sure to keep these tips in mind, and walk into your engagement feeling carefree, confident, and excited.

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